Norwegian Metal Band Madder Mortem Legacy Documentary ‘Howl of the Underdogs’ Premieres Aug 16

HOWL OF THE UNDERDOGS is a music documentary that seeks to explore the emotional undercurrent of one band’s unique music and the inner life of their enigmatic lead singer. Originally founded in 1993 as Mystery Tribe, Madder Mortem was one of the early bands from the contemporary Norwegian Metal scene to break away from rigid genre boundaries. Starting off with a more straight doom metal sound, the band has continued to evolve with each album, following a flawless transition as an experimental and diverse progressive metal band with a unique sense of groove and contrasting arrangements.

With a no-holds-barred, teeth-baring resolve to be transparent, the band opens up entirely to the filmmakers about their challenges and triumphs, both as a band and as individuals. Charismatic lead singer Agnete M. Kirkevaag talks about her struggle with mental illness and a life-long eating disorder in an image-obsessed industry. The film follows Kirkevaag as she undergoes weight loss surgery to battle the demons that have given birth to the band’s music.

HOWL OF THE UNDERDOGS brings together cinema verité shot during preparation for Madder Mortem’s 20th Anniversary and a European tour which reunites all the former band members for a once-in-a-lifetime show in Olso, Norway. The film features breathtaking images from the rural Norwegian landscape as well as home videos, concert footage and family archives, which the band have meticulously collected. Countless interviews from journalists, fans, neighbors and many others help define the band and their one of a kind music and story.

HOWL OF THE UNDERDOGS is written and directed by Randy M. Salo. Salo’s first feature length documentary, The Dragons of Jim Green premiered at the Sarasota Film Festival and won the audience award at Indie Grits. After directing more than 100 short music films, Salo completed his second feature film, Howl of the Underdogs. He currently lives in Munich, Germany and is shooting his third feature documentary about an American propagandist living in East Germany during the Cold War. The film is produced by Janine Stengel-Lewis and Blake Ryan Lewis of Stewis Media, as well as Agnete Mangnes Kirkevaag, BP Mangnes Kirkevaag and Kai Metzner.

HOWL OF THE UNDERDOGS premieres on iTunes, Apple TV and Amazon beginning August 16.

Additional platforms include Google Play and YouTube

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