Movies to Watch on a Rainy Afternoon Presents the Cannibals and Zombies Collection (Review)

Director – Addison Binek (Psycho Ape!, Tromasterpiece Theatre: Poultrygeist)
Starring – Addison Binek
Release Date – 2022
Rating – 3/5

Several years ago I was introduced to actor, director, and web-series host Addison Binek when I was attending Cinema Wasteland. It was around this time that he was working on his first Tromasterpiece Theatre film. I was very interested in the film considering it was supported by Lloyd Kaufman and about Kaufman’s first film The Battle of Love’s Return. I also learned of his long running web series Movies to Watch on a Rainy Afternoon.

This YouTube series is centered around Addison as he riffs, or mocks, various horror and sci-fi films. I’ve collected multiple releases of his collections and enjoy checking them out from time to time. A few weeks ago Addison sent over a few of his collections to review. I decided to start my marathon with his Cannibals and Zombies Collection. Thanks Addison for sending this one over!

**Spoiler Alert** In this collection we follow Addison as he watches some seriously heinous and barely watchable films like Zombie: The Beginning and Cannibal Terror. **Spoiler Alert**

Movies to Watch on a Rainy Afternoon is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I don’t watch it that often but when I do I find myself laughing at the riff’s Addison has written and the no budget charm of his show. Honestly, it’s not something I can binge or watch repeatedly. It’s fun in small doses and something that I think other cult cinema fans would enjoy but I need time between each viewing to recharge my batteries. The Cannibals and Zombies Collection is probably my favorite release of his so far because I’ve suffered through most of these films myself. A lot of the things he said really does sum up what I thought about them during my initial viewing.

The acting in this one is decent. Addison is himself in front of the camera while he picks apart movies that shouldn’t have been released. They are painfully bad and his observations, critiques, and humorous antidotes of the films are funny for the most part. He is extremely comfortable in front of the screen and his delivery works for most of the time. The writing in this is pretty funny. A lot of the jokes are reminiscent of MST3K but there is a few instances where the joke just doesn’t find its mark. I can see fans of Angry Video Game Nerd, Riff Tracks, and Cinema Snob enjoy what Addison brings to the table here.

Finally, the editing is not the best. It’s a cheap YouTube webseries that focuses on the laughs and not the polish. Overall, The Cannibals and Zombies Collection is probably my favorite release of Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day. The movies he riffs are some of the worst genre films in history which gives him a lot of material to work with. I highly recommend checking this out if it sounds like something you are interested in. I enjoyed it.

Written by Blacktooth

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