Black Veil (Crowd Funding)

From the crowd funding page:

Horror has always provided catharsis while highlighting the ingenuity of the creatives behind it. Our team is made up of women, POC, immigrants, and members of the LBTQ community, all of whom wish to continue the legacy of crafting chilling media for a diverse audience of thrill-seekers.

In this horror-comedy slasher, Laurie and Grant stay late at their bridal boutique job and examine their views on relationships and the ultimate commitment of marriage. They quickly discover that finding yourself alone can lead to worse things than loneliness, especially when someone has cut the power… and your throat.

In the Spring of 2019, after forging a friendship in a TV Pilot writing class, Aine and Roberto came together to discuss one of their shared passions: horror. A conversation that spanned hours and resulted in the creation of a project named: It’s My Wedding & I’ll Die If I Want To. Through long-distance, a global pandemic, and bouts of writer’s block, Roberto and Aine completed their first draft of the bloody and hilarious, who-done-it slasher that would serve as the first in a trilogy of films. A trilogy, they struggled to give a fitting opening to. After multiple drafts, re-writes, read-throughs, and roughly 10 alternate versions of the opening, the writing duo landed on one that felt so right they decided to turn it into a short. This short — the beginning of Black Veil’s saga.

Written by Blacktooth

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