Pandora: Worlds Within #1 – A Psychedelic Fantasy Adventure (Crowd Funding)

From the Kickstarter page:

Our Strange Comic run began back in 2018 with our first anthology issue (adapted from our original short film), “Cindy’s Birthday Party”! Through Kickstarter we gained a massive amount of support and were able to successfully over fund the project and create our first book. In 2019, we launched our second anthology issue (again, adapted from another original short film of ours), “Passenger”! This creature feature was once again successful and ever since we’ve been proud to sell these books at local comic shops, online, and at comic conventions.

Back in 2021 we began the process of our third book, a much more ambitious project that is loosely based off (you guessed it… another film of ours), but is a much more creative, adventurous, and different than anything else we’ve done before.

Pandora: World’s Within is a mini series that follows the adventures of and old and tired man named The Captain, and his young, quirky, and naïve shipmate Tommy, as they discover a mysterious box in the ocean. When the box speaks to The Captain and he opens it, the two are transported to the center of space and time, where they come face to face with a being called The Universe.

From here, The Universe offers The Captain a chance to explore anything and everything he can dream of. Unfortunately for The Captain and Tommy, there is a much more sinister play at hand from The Universe as they get lost in a multi-verse of chaos, horrors, and danger.

Pandora: World’s Within #1 is the first issue of this anticipated three part series, which sets our journey up with these characters and gives you a wonderous glimpse of what’s to come.

This issue is filled with incredible amounts of detail, color, and imagery, paired with a sense of adventure, humor, and a story that will entice you to know where each page is going. The art is drawn by our good friend Tim Sparvero of Infinity Comics, who previously created our first two books as well.

And the best news? This issue is already done! We’re already working on issue #2 and excited to deliver the next part of this story.


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