CAPTIVE by Kacie Marie Releases New VHS Inspired Music Video

Captive, B-Movie Music Video
Directed and Edited by Kacie Marie
Shot on Camcorder by Christian Cather
Starring Kacie Marie
and Joel Hamilton
Featuring The No Ring Circus

Song written by Kacie Marie and Joel Hamilton
Music and production by Joel Hamilton
Studio G Brooklyn
Beats by Little Shalimar

Synopsis – In an inescapable life of survellience, we are forced to live in a perpetually pixelated plugged-in existence, yet still expected to maintain balance. In this gritty camcorder music video Directed & Edited by Kacie Marie & Shot by Christian Cather, our anti-hero Kacie Marie is caught in a cycle of the inability to escape, while blurring the lines of captive and captor. Sensually sneaking through each screen and scene, she’s juxtaposed to producer and artist Joel Hamilton, who orchestrates the motions and sounds throughout the film with his technological tools. In this dystopian audio-visual, we bear witness to the romance and the pain of this characters isolation in her alternate reality of surveillant omnipresence.


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