IndieGoGo for Bad Taste Video’s new feature FLAPJAX

From the creators of I NEED YOU DEAD! comes a relentless dark comedy about mommy issues and pancakes.

An overzealous fast food manager unknowingly executes the sinter plans of an alien race by promoting a highly addictive new item: FLAPJAX.
Writer & Director Rocko Zevenbergen has always wanted to impress in life, to live up to the expectations of those he respected no matter how ridiculous or humiliating. At work, that meant breaking Burger King efficiency records. At home, that meant attending to the needs of his fracturing family, whatever the emotional cost.

It wasn’t until Zevenbergen moved out on his own that the reality of his misguided codependency set in. Now, Zevenbergen tackles FLAPJAX to share his experience, in hopes of encouraging others to challenge their own identity and traverse the world in a way that respects the authenticity of who they are.

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Written by Blacktooth

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