Shock Rocker Miss Cherry Delight releases new Halloween themed single

If you don’t know who Miss Cherry Delight is, just ask Marieke Bresseleers of Lords of Acid.
“Miss Cherry Delight is a phenomenon. Her vocal range and unique sound are unheard. Most of all, I am blown away by the depth of her tragically beautiful character. She’s an absolute star.”

Cherry is a shock rocker, a professionally trained singer, a major Tiktok creator who has gone viral multiple times, and a songwriter. Her stage persona is macabre, high energy, and seductive. Her hit song, the 31st, which recently hit over 30k views on Spotify, is now receiving a remix from collaborator Ghost Stories. It’s just in time for Halloween, the holiday Cherry embodies year-round.

Says Miss Cherry on her new song:
“The original track “The 31st” was released October 13th 2018. It was the first track I ever released as an independent solo artist, and the second song I ever wrote in my life.I had always envisioned this song to be fun and danceable, but I think it needed an extra kick in that direction to take it to a level where it could reach a wider audience while staying in a dark sounding atmosphere, and my keyboard player, Ghost Stories, knew exactly what to do. Where the original is a rock-out track perfect for jumping around or speeding in your car, “The 31st (Dressed 2 Kill Remix)” really brings the electronic high energy rock into some sort of funk, almost disco bass slapping time. If you can stay still while listening to this, you’re dead inside, and not in the fun way. Like, in the “you need help” way.
Lyrically, “The 31st” is full of tongue-in-cheek innuendos, and is truly about celebrating Halloween every single day, in a true adult fashion. On the contrary, the best time to listen to this song is not just Halloween, but 4th Of July, Easter, And *especially* Christmas. Any time of year where it isn’t creepy enough for you, blast this song in protest. Halloween isn’t just a 24 hour holiday anymore. It is a philosophy, lifestyle and movement. It is holy. If anyone has seen your fabulousness and shouted at you from their car window “IT’S NOT HALLOWEEN!” then this is your song. It is Halloween forever. This is my costume. And we’re gonna dance about it.”

Says Ghost Stories on the remix:

“The oldest remix of the bunch, started back in 2019, literally one week before the Eat the Evidence release gig. I had just started rediscovering a lot of the music I listened to growing up and felt the need to express what was going on in my head. For some reason this song made the most sense with that. This was actually the first song I made in this sort of style in, I think, 5 years, so it took a while to remember how I used to do things. All the funk + retro video game influences wound up being coalesced into this.”

Listen to the song here!

Listen to more of Miss Cherry Delight’s music on Spotify here:

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