Cannibal Holocaust Director Ruggero Deodato Dead at 83

It is being announced by international sources that famed director Ruggero Deodato passed away early this morning/late last night. He was 83 years old at the time of his death.

No other details about his passing have been made public at the time of this writing.

Ruggero Deodato is most known for directing Cannibal Holocaust, a film so realistic at the time that he was brought up on murder charges. Cannibal Holocaust remains one of the most banned and most controversial horror films of all time.

He also directed hits like The House on the Edge of the Park, Body Count and a segment in 2019’s Deathcember. He inspired other legends like Eli Roth, and even had a cameo in Hostel 2.

Sending our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

RIP Ruggero Deodato

Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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