Swamp Woman (Crowd Funding)

From the Indiegogo page:

“Swamp Woman” is the story of Dr. Angela Honeydew (Sushii Xhyvette) whom possesses a scientific breakthrough serum that allows animals to genetically combine with their surroundings, whether they are living or inanimate. This serum is wanted dearly by the evil Dr. Robert Olsen (Joel D. Wynkoop) who will do anything to get his hands on it! Will he succeed? Or will Swamp Woman prevail???

This movie will be filled with exploitation, fun colorful characters, heavy gore and a lot of familiar faces you have come to love from Gatorblade Films past catalog. All money raised will go straight into the movie so the more we raise, the more we can EXPLOIT! If you can not afford to buy a perk please share with friends and family!!


(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.

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