After months of hints from TERROR FILMS RELEASING across social media, the official trailer, poster and release date for writer / director Stephen Cognetti’s “HELL HOUSE LLC ORIGINS: THE CARMICHAEL MANOR” is finally here and there is a lot to unpack. The long-awaited fourth film within Cognetti’s popular Hell House LLC franchise will debut as an official selection at the 14th annual TELLURIDE HORROR SHOW, from October 13th to 15th, followed by its exclusive streaming debut on Shudder on October 30th, during the streamer’s “Devil’s Night” premiere.

The film will also screen at the IFC Center theater on Tuesday, October 24 in New York as part of the Shudder Showcase, a monthly series that serves up special advance screenings of some of the leading genre platform’s most exciting and provocative upcoming titles.

Cognetti is set to attend both Telluride and IFC Center, participating in a Q&A after each screening. Fans interested in purchasing tickets to the festival and showcase, can visit:

Telluride Horror Show:

Shudder Showcase at IFC Center:

“Although this is the fourth film in the Hell House LLC series, I want fans to know that this is not a ‘part 4’ or a prequel. In making the Carmichael Manor, I wanted to create an original story within the Hell House LLC universe yet set it in the present day instead of making a precursor to the original trilogy. As a filmmaker, the Carmichael Manor allowed me to explore some of the themes and origins from the hotel’s mythology, while introducing new characters and mysteries surrounding the events that took place in 1989 in a stand-alone origin story, one of several I hope to create,” stated Cognetti.

The story takes place in 2021 and follows a group of internet sleuths who travel to the remote Carmichael Manor. Located deep in the woods of Rockland County, New York, the estate is the site of the infamous 1989 Carmichael family murders that have gone unsolved to this day. What they discover are secrets that have been hidden away for decades and a terror that has been lurking in the shadows long before Hell House.

The film is produced by Joe Bandelli, with Joe Dain and Jim Klock executive producing for Terror Films Releasing. Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor will be available to anyone with a Shudder or AMC+ subscription in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

For fans who don’t yet have a subscription, Shudder offers a 7-Day free trial however, Terror Films Releasing has teamed with Shudder to offer this special promo code: HELLHOUSELLC4

The code will be good for a 14-Day Free Trial from the date activation, but this special code expires on 10/21/23, so be sure to activate it before 10/21 but no earlier than 10/18 to catch the premiere of Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor on 10/30/23.

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