Justice Leagues: WarWorld

Director – Jeff Wamester (Legion of Super-Heroes, Green Lantern: Beware My Power)
Starring – Jensen Ackles (The Boys, Supernatural), Ike Amadi (Primal, Trollhunters: Defenders of Acadia), and Troy Baker (Star Trek: Lower Decks, The Last of Us)
Release Date – 2023
Rating – 4/5

While most of the movie world is busy arguing over the DC cinematic universe and the future that James Gunn has in store for us, I have been waiting on the DC animated movies to hit store shelves. While a few the last year or so were a but underwhelming, I still thoroughly enjoy them. A few weeks ago I was sent Justice League: Warworld for review. This was a title I was very unfamiliar with but a quick google opened me up to a world of characters and storylines I was oblivious about. Like always I want to thank WB and DC for sending this one over for review.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows Diana Prince, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent who find themselves in various tales without their memories or how they got there. However, their quick wit and seeing familiar faces awakens some memories. Bruce Wayne, the world’s greatest detective, starts putting all the pieces together when he discovers he is on Warworld and Martian Manhunter is being imprisoned. Mongul is using his psychotic ability to control the entire plant but Lobo betrays him wanting control of the planet himself. While Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman is unconscious, they are saved by Harbinger who warns them of the impending Crisis. **Spoiler Alert**

Warworld is easily one of the best DC animated films I’ve reviewed in the last year or two. There is a few others that I enjoyed more than this one but it’s near the top in my honest opinion. It’s a story that we will never seen get a live action adaptation and I’m ok with that because this animated adaptation works. I know this review is going to catch hell in the comment sections of various social media platforms once this goes live because it’s not horror and so on but I don’t care. It was enjoyable and I look forward to any other DC animated film that is brought our way.

The voice acting in this is fantastic. Jensen Ackles is the voice of Bruce Wayne and once again makes fan wish someone would hire him to don the cowl. He does a phenomenal job as the caped crusader and I look forward to other animated adventures with him cast. The rest of the voice casting is fantastic as well but Ackles is the star of the show in my opinion. The story for this one makes you think this is a series of shorts or an anthology but as each segments end we start to see the characters begin to remember each other. It’s the slow progression with each segment that starts to build the overall story. It was very effective and seeing a sci-fi noir, a sword and sandal fantasy film, and a classic western in the in the DC universe was very enjoyable.
Finally, I loved the animation style. This is the type of animation that I truly enjoy. It’s more of a traditional approach that brought me into the DC animated universe to begin with. I don’t mind when they take on other styles of animation but this one is more my speed. Overall, Warworld is not the best of the animated DC films but it is one of the better ones. I loved the story and voice acting along with the return to the traditional animation style. I highly recommend this one.


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