Official Trailer Premiere Animal Rights Thriller LIBERTY

In the environmental thriller Liberty, an idealistic park guide holds six strangers captive, treating them like caged animals, to deliver his chilling message of freedom to the world. As his hostages run the gamut from confusion and disbelief to anger and hostility to grief and despair, our anti-hero compares their mental and physical breakdown to those of wild animals struggling in captivity.

Liberty is a film about animal rights, but its central theme is freedom, making it especially timely and relevant to a global audience. Liberty’s unique storyline draws a powerful parallel between animal rights, respect for our fellow humans, and the freedoms we too often take for granted.

Written and Directed by Philippe De Witte

Produced by Michel Gouzée de Harven, Jean-Christophe Van den Berg, Yves Merlin, and Michael Whalen

Featuring a breakout performance by Nicholas Michael McGovern

Starring Alice Barrett (“Another World”), Olan Montgomery (“Stranger Things”), Denny Dale Bess (“Law & Order: SVU”), Samantha Smart (“Katy Keene”), Jonathan Kirkland (“Tulsa King”) and Andrea McKinnon (Boyhood)

RT: 103 minutes


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