Scarlet Piss Princess (Review)

Director – Jack Mulvanerty (Split, Devoid)
Starring – Emily E (Mutilation, Dolls Are Meant to Be Trash) and Jack Mulvanerty
Release Date – 2023
Rating – 2/5

I’ve spent a lot of my adult life watching and reviewing movies for Horror Society. I absolutely love getting a movie in for review that I’ve never seen before even if it’s one that I don’t necessarily enjoy once I finally see it. I love checking out all the different approaches to horror and how the genre resonates with the filmmakers. With that being said, I’m not naïve enough to think that I will love every horror title sent my way. Some movies are just not meant for me but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad movies.

I was recently sent several films from filmmaker Jack Mulvanerty. I reviewed his film Creeps back in 2013 when he was just a teenager and was looking forward to seeing how he has grown as a filmmaker. I decided to follow up Everything Decay’s with his film Scarlet Piss Princess. I want to thank Jack for sending this one over!

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a camgirl, played by Emily E, who dives into a deep depression after a camming session. She then begins to explore body mutilation and other forms of self-torture. **Spoiler Alert**

I typically stay away from extreme horror and the many sub-genres that branch off from it. I tend to like the goofier side of the genre. I want to see slashers with an ass for a mask, living placentas, gay killers who kill hetero’s, and killer turds. Most extreme horror flicks lack the stories that I need. I hate when I hit play on a movie and it’s 90 minutes of violence with no story or substance. I do like some extreme horror films because they rely on story while giving us extreme acts of violence, gore, and so on. However, being extreme just to be edgy is not enjoyable to me.

Scarlet Piss Princess is extreme in a way but it’s more of a fetish horror film that will make pop horror fans feel extremely uncomfortable. The cast consists of just one person, Emily E, who does some extreme acts to her body. The film is extremely demanding, and she is all in.

The story for this one is pretty much non-existent. The film was made to showcase the beauty of Emily E. along with the various forms of self-torture that she does to her body. While it’s not my type of film I still found myself glued to the screen which is saying something about it. Finally, the film has some blood but not the fake shit. Those with a weak constitution will want to skip on this one. Overall, Scarlet Piss Princess is not going to be for everyone. If you like watching beautiful women draw blood and other extreme acts, then this one is for you. However, if you are like me and dig films with a story then you will find this one a bit difficult to finish.


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