New Horror Company Anatomica Pictures Launches

Acclaimed writer, director, and producer J. M. Stelly is proud to announce the launch of ANATOMICA FILMS, a new production company dedicated to creating and distributing cutting-edge horror, thriller, and arthouse cinema. This exciting venture aims to produce groundbreaking content as well as provide comprehensive distribution services.

J. M. Stelly, known for his unique vision and compelling storytelling, brings his expertise and passion to ANATOMICA FILMS. The company will focus on producing films that challenge conventions and captivate audiences, offering a fresh perspective on genre filmmaking.

“I am thrilled to embark on this new journey with ANATOMICA FILMS,” said J. M. Stelly. “Our goal is to create films that not only entertain but also provoke thought and push the boundaries of traditional storytelling in the horror, thriller, and arthouse genres.

In addition to film production, Anatomica Films will specialize in distribution, ensuring that its films reach audiences worldwide. The company will utilize innovative strategies to maximize exposure across various platforms, including theatrical releases, streaming services, and home entertainment.

“Our approach to distribution is designed to ensure that our films have the greatest possible impact,” added Stelly. “By managing both production and distribution, we can maintain the artistic integrity of our projects while reaching a global audience.

As part of its inaugural slate, Anatomica Films is excited to announce three projects that will release this year.

The Blu-Ray for THEY ARE WATCHING will release in October of this year. It originally released earlier this year via VOD through TERROR FILMS. The film stars Keegan Macy, J. M. Stelly and Jared Bankens. The film found critical acclaim amongst found footage enthusiasts everywhere as it blended both the styles of found footage and a more traditional style of filmmaking.

ABACUS, starring Jared Bankens (Twisted Metal, Venom), Keegan Macy (They Are Watching), and Antonio Saez, is slated to release by September in a limited Theatrical Release and on Blu-Ray and VOD by November. The film is a black and white, dark thriller in the vein of films like SAW and The Unknown where three men are trapped in a game of life or death where the consequences of their actions not only affect them but the ones they love the most.

CALL OF THE VOID, the award winning film starring Jared Bankens and Kirsten Bazet is slated for a limited theatrical release by October with a VOD and Blu-Ray Release by the end of the year. Call of the Void is a unique arthouse experience about a man known only as The Painter and his journey into the darkness of his past and future self through recorded notes. The film is a mixture between silent era cinema and modern narrative films.

“These projects represent the essence of what Anatomica Films stands for,” said Stelly. “We look forward to sharing these stories with the world and making a lasting impact on the industry.”

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