SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT – Unhinged Paranormal Horror starring Bill Oberst Jr. (3 From Hell, Criminal Minds) and Debra Lamb (Point Break, Robocop) campaign is currently LIVE on Indiegogo.

Other cast members include Lili Davis, Alexandria Allerheiligen, Brii Frank, Peter Goldthwaite, Kazuo Salazar, Alyssa Ramirez, and Michael Oliver.

Award winning filmmaker, Todd Braley, “Shadows of the Night is going to be that movie that scares the absolute holy sh*t out of you. I promise.”

Imagine a world where ancient evil meets modern technology, where the dark corners of the internet unleash horrors that defy explanation. In Shadows of the Night, a young priest discovers a malevolent spirit possibly spawned from the depths of the Dark Web. As he seeks help from the church, he encounters Bishop Dwyer, whose motives may not be as righteous as they first appear. Amidst this darkness, psychic grandmother Rose emerges, her own past hauntingly intertwined with the unfolding terror.

Indiegogo Campaign:


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