Trailer for Other-Wordly Sci-fi Actioner SPACE SHARKS


A military experiment goes awry in a biting new sci-fi action film from the director of APEX PREDATORS and SPIDER BABY. Starring Academy Award Nominee Eric Roberts and legendary movie villain Mel Novak.

Oscar nominee Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables) takes on SPACE SHARKS in a mad new mutant monster movie from the director of Apex Predators, Mega Ape, and Cocaine Cougar!

A military experiment conducted on a space station goes horribly wrong, sending a new breed of weaponized sharks to earth with only one mission: destroy everything in their path!

Also starring A Christmas Story’s Scott Schwartz, and swimming alongside the likes of Sharknado and The Meg, SPACE SHARKS take a cosmic bite out of digital platforms this month from Wild Eye Releasing.

Packed with action, and complete with an intergalactic sci-fi twist, SPACE SHARKS is directed by Dustin Ferguson (Spider Baby). Vida Ghaffari, legendary movie villain Mel Novak, and Brinke Stevens also face the flying fins!


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