Macabro Films and RAZOR

Razor 08 Bloodbath

Macabro Films is currently promoting their newsest movie RAZOR along with a few of their other releases as well. All of which are directed and produced by Philippos Halatsis.

Macabro is a greek production company specializing in psychological horror. They have several short and feature length movies out and in production at the moment. So im sure we will be hearing about them real soon. In the meantime check out the story behind RAZOR and links to the trailers below.

They wanted to spend their weekend away from town. They wanted to have a nice time all together. Six couples, a mansion and endless sex.

During their first night there, one by one, all of them become prey of a ruthless and pervert killer. The killer leads them to a torture chamber and humiliates them by any mean and abuses them sexually and mentally.

What they’ll find out is that the killer is among them. Not only a friend, not only a lover, but also the most complicated psychopath they could ever imagine…

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More of their films:

Razor 01 The DinnerRazor 04 Behind YouRazor 06 Kinky Games

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