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Stupid Teenagers Must Die

posterReview by: Angry Princess

“Stupid Teenagers Must Die” directed by Jeff C. Smith has accomplished being one of the funniest horror flicks out there right now.

He goes back to basics with this 80’s oriented film that has you glued to the screen with it’s goofiness and classic horror situations like the lights all go out and then the famous stupid question that is always asked comes, “Is someone in here?”

You know with the whole “C’mon guys quit playing around” kinda thing.

A group of kids get together at Murder McGee’s house to have a séance hoping to provoke his spirit into coming out to play. McGee murdered his family in the house and it’s supposed to be haunted. Kane with his Michael Jackson like jacket and the beautiful Julie arrive at the house with Madelyn and Alfie sitting at the table looking smug. Maddy doesn’t want Kane there at first but then it works out.

Tiffany the petite little blonde bounces in looking for Mike who didn’t show up while the two lesbians Sissy and Jamie continue to moan and salivate on each other in excitement. Ryan the dork in the pink alligator on the pocket shirt who can’t wait to get his ass a seat at the table next to anything female. Two geeks that must trail this crowd try to get involved but end up just taking a tour of the house instead.


Considering this film had a very tight budget I think it turned out great, there was plenty of blood to make use of on that set. I liked being able to laugh when something really awful was going on, “Cory Assink” was hilarious and reminded me of an Ashton Kutcher in his prime but a lot less annoying. When he found Madelyn and tried to tell the group what happened had me laughing my ass off.

Director Jeff C. Smith started his film career back in high school but says his projects back then will never be viewed for the sole purpose that they are positively awful. “Stupid Teenagers Must Die” is far from being a flop, it’s everything any B movie lover every dreamed off. Blood and Boobs is a lethal combination in the horror world and this one has a little of both.