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Slaughter Disc

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Review by AngryPrincess

Today we meet Mike, a young man who is totally infatuated with porn. Morning, noon, and night this guy has got the TV full of bouncing bare skin and the lotion ready to rub one out and put his days of carpal tunnel syndrome a lot closer to coming to a surface. Mike will watch anything and even seemed to enjoy clown porn. This boy has got a big problem and needs some serious help.

While at the adult video store a magazine that has this macabre sex freak Andromeda Strange on the cover catches his eye so he purchases and takes it home where he flops down on the couch to read it. After reading an ad suggesting he order some of these over the top porn flicks that she stars in. Now some people say porn and horror don’t mix, to me it was like a bad car accident on the side of the road you don’t wanna look but you have to.

Will I watch it again….probably not. Will I tell anyone about it.. Hell Yeah, everybody I know! It’s the whole shock factor and most of the people I know have never witnessed this type of movie and it would most likely force their jaws to drop. Steel Web studios just might become the new Eric Stanze for me. He was one of the first directors to ever traumatize me with their horrific visions- that takes a lot in today’s world.

I know this is going to shine on my pervasive side but I won’t pretend that if another chapter of Andromeda Strange’s freaky sex fests come to my door step that I won’t open it. I will eagerly rip it open in anticipation of what’s going to skeeve me or maybe even titillate me this time. I hope my review causes you to go out and buy this because if you need a little break in the monotony this is definitely it.