Blockbuster Exclusive ‘1408’ Among List of ‘Most Haunted Movies’ for Halloween DALLAS, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/


Do you believe in ghosts? According to a recent Blockbuster Inc. survey, more of us (67%) believe ghosts might be real than other Halloween ghoulies like demons (52%), aliens (56%) or vampires (15%). In response, Blockbuster dares movie lovers to spend the night with one of the season’s Most Haunted Movies.

Among the spirited films list from the entertainment experts at Blockbuster is “1408,” the exclusive Blockbuster rental featuring John Cusack trapped in a haunted room that’s out to get him. “When you believe something could happen in real life, it makes it that much scarier,” said Keith Leopard, Director of Content Development at Blockbuster Inc. “More people believe in ghosts, and so that makes haunted movies among the scariest this Halloween. Blockbuster has assembled a list of movies with the highest possible ghost quotient to scare movie lovers silly this season.” Sixty-seven percent of survey participants indicated they believed ghosts were definitely real (33%) or might be real (34%), compared to 33% of participants who said they did not believe in ghosts at all……

Also ranking high with paranormal believers were haunted places, with 69% indicating they believe they definitely (37%) or might (33%) be real. Other spooky stuff trailed ghosts on the believability scale, including possession (59%), aliens (56%), demons (52%) and vampires (15%). For ghost-lovers everywhere, Blockbuster recommends the following movies for haunted Halloween viewing:

The 13 Most Haunted Movies, Recommended by BLOCKBUSTER
— “The Amityville Horror”
— “Blair Witch Project”
— “Dark Water”
— “1408”
— “The Grudge”
— “House on Haunted Hill”
— “The Others”
— “Pet Semetary”
— “Poltergeist
— “The Ring”
— “The Shining”
— “The Sixth Sense”
— “Thirteen Ghosts”

Those who want the thrill of encountering a ghost this Halloween without the real-life terror can also visit

Blockbuster has created a free game titled “Room & Doom” that pits players against the notoriously evil Room 1408 from the Stephen King film starring John Cusack and Samuel Jackson. The game is available through Oct. 31. Through Oct. 14, players ages 18 years or older also have the option of entering a “Room & Doom” sweepstakes for a grand prize trip to New York City. No purchase, participation in the game or BLOCKBUSTER membership is required to enter the sweepstakes.

Visit for complete sweepstakes rules. The “Room & Doom” game and sweepstakes highlight the psychological fright film “1408” and two alternate endings available exclusively on rentals from BLOCKBUSTER stores or online at


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