l 73e55c222e455349dbba6de632e22f0eI had a chance to check out New World Horror’s new feature film “Rise of the Flatline” and I have to tell you, it’s good. We did a story about the trailer a while ago, and I have to say it was one of the best trailers I have seen in a while. Although there is a low budget for this flick, the production value of the trailer and of course the movie later is very high. They seem to have their act together and after a few obsticles with the script, they have put together a great film.

Rise of the Flatline is from New World Horror, (a company based out of the North East), and with only a few members of the team they have a good zombie flick to show for it.

It starts out with a group of friends getting together out in the woods to puff a bit and celebrate their band getting signed to a major label. All is well until of course there is some kind of virus being spread by bugs that turns people into mutant zombie like creatures with a taste for blood. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until a few members get bitten and all hell breaks loose. Put that together with a sub plot of a couple of guys getting revenge on child molesters and you got yourself a decent watch. The guys out killing the molesters eventually meet up with the friends and work together to get out of the woods.

Meanwhile there are some flashbacks of the killer guy’s stories giving you some inside information of what they are doing out there. Inner woven with the band and the zombies, this makes a complex plot that is edited together rather well and keeps the movie going. Sometimes you get some movies that try to give you a couple of different stories and they end up leaving you behind, lost, or they just give up on one of the stories all together. Not this one.

Rise gives you a feeling of suspense while also making you feel bad for the 2 guys doing all of the killing. That’s always good to me. not that I enjoy people killing, but if you can give me a reason and make me believe that serial killers have a reason and some feeling behind what they are doing, then you know you have written the movie well.

Nothing seems to be lacking in the special effects department wither. The makeup is good and not over the top. Working with a low budget, they pulled off the pus-filled bumps, blood and gore, and the overall look of the zombies well. A few scenes of torture, some good bite scenes, and some blood splatters make this one a must for the gore hounds out there as well. Everything moved right along and ended like a zombie movie should too. Nothing over the top and no outlandish ending here…if you know what I mean.

You get a real sense of what they are trying to accomplish with this movie too. Giving you some meaning to what is going on and not just some random killing and zombie chase scenes either.

Of course there are a few flaws, like with most any movie. Some over-acting. Some sound flaws. Stuff like that. Nothing that would really make you stop watching it all together, and just remember with a low budget this one pulls everything off real well. I can see this team putting together some really good movies later on and if they are anything like this one, you should see them on the shelves of Best Buy soon.

New World Horror can and will be the future of Indie horror!



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