So we here at HorrorSociety have been big fans of Hack Movies for a long time now. With their oddball brand of humor, Troma-esqe movies, and overall good filmmaking…we are proud of Strange and the crew for all they have done and of course what the will be doing int he future.

Hack Movies makes no-budget movies for the fans and no one else. If you dont get a joke in the movie, odds are you dont get the movie!! So with that said, here comes another one!! "Colonel Kill Motherfuckers"

Plot Synopsis:
"Colonel Kill" concerns a group of Role playing nerds who, while attempting to rid themselves of their dork-ass ways, piss off, and through a series of crazy events, kill a homicidal ex-army veteran named Jack Scabtree. Unfortunately for them, Scabtree’s mother is heavy into the Black Arts, and soon, Jack Scabtree is risen from the dead, with but one thought on his mind: To kill those motherfucking Nerds!

Items of Intrest:
Colonel Kill Marks the second feature length film from Writer/Director Kevin Strange and his Hack Movies crew, and their 3rd DVD release since 2006. Colonel Kill will be released on DVD exclusively from the group’s website: on January 17th.

Hack Movies pride themselves on their promotional abilities, having risen to noteriety in the underground film scene thanks to social networking sites like Youtube and Myspace. Their brand of Saturday morning satire and offensive comedy combined with a love of the horror genre, have come together to create a unique brand of movies that they dub "Flicks from the Underground". Hack Movies are a return to the "Midnight Movie" mentality of films such as "Pink Flamingos", "El Topo", "Eraserhead" and "Rocky Horror".

Previous releases from Hack Movies include:
The heavy metal themed, "Dream Reaper", and the Zombie Comedy "Dead Shit", staring their most popular characters, Nixon and Hogan.

Trailers and promotionl videos for Colonel Kill:

Colonel Kill Motherfuckers Trailer:

Colonel Kill Motherfuckers 7 minute teaser scene:

Behind the Scenes promotion video:



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