DRGOREIf you havent noticed yet, there is a new trailer section up here. I have gathered and are still gathering all sorts of horror movie trailers, clips, specials, interviews, etc. from all over the net. You can get a preview of the trailers down below on the homepage, and the full list at the trailer page.

Right now this is all being done by VodPod. A great site where you can bookmark your favorite movie clips and add them to the site of your choice. Also there will be another section where you can add you own movie clips and trailers to promote you Indie Horror Films. That will be done this weekend.

So for now, check out the trailers and I will update you as to what new ones have been posted for you every week.

Here are some of the new trailers and clips added this week:

Opera of Splatter (Most violent stuff ever)
Pleasures of the Damned Trailer
SCHOOLGIRL KILLER (1968) – Trailer
House with the Windows That Laugh (trailer)
Shock-O-Rama Cinema presents Misty Mundae in SCREAMING DEAD
SPLATTER BEACH “Splatter Bikini” Clip
Shock-O-Rama Cinema presents Misty Mundae in Bite Me
Dead Life Trailer
Mark Of Dracula Trailer
SGT. Kabukiman NYPD Trailer
Terror Firmer Trailer
Poultrygeist Trailer
PAGANINI HORROR (1989) – Trailer
Lisa and the Devil (1973) – trailer
Kill, Baby… Kill! (1966) trailer

More on the way and every week! Enjoy!!


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