midnightsilenceLooks like SikoMike is at it again with his horror films. Siko Mike was interviewed last year (you can find that here) and he told us of Cannibal Farm. Well he has another project in the works, and this one looks to be just as his name implies… SIKO! Check out what he has to say about this and stay tuned for more from Siko Mike!

Midnight Silence is a short horror film written/directed by aspiring horror filmmaker/critic Siko Mike about four college friends that are going to a rave to celebrate their last night on the town before heading to Florida for spring break.

They stop at Taylor’s house so the two girls can get ready for a night of fun, drinking, drugs, and sex. Their plans change however when an escaped mental patient from a nearby hospital sneeks into the house. One by one, the friends are murdered by the mysterious/violent psycho. These innocent young people will never see tomorrow. This is the true story that is still open. The Virginia Police Department are still on a search for the Midnight Phantom. He will kill at random and makes his murder spree a few minutes before the stroke of mid-night. The stroke of the clock is not the only thing echoing in the wind. The sound of screams invades the noise and then disappears into the quiet of the night.

The Midnight Phantom is still on the loose and you may be next!

The film is currently in pre-production and will begin shooting in about mid March. A trailer will be put up once filming is complete!

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