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His (Lloyd Kaufman) string of low-budget, lowbrow horror comedies stretching back to the ’80s has been cited as influence by Peter Jackson, the Farrelly Brothers, Quentin Tarantino, Takashi Miike and Guillermo Del Toro, just to cite a few prominent examples.” -Lou Lumenick, Chief Critic New York Post

“The impact of Troma can be seen in nearly every independent filmmaker who cut his teeth in the video era, from Peter Jackson and Quentin Tarantino to South Park’s Trey Parker (who’s debut, Cannibal! The Musical was a Troma production), and the Troma universe has a devoted worldwide fan base to rival that of any comic book.” -The A.V. Club (The Onion)

Classic Independent Film Company To Release Feature Film
And Give The Fast-Food Industry The Bird

New York, NY: Troma Entertainment, the oldest continually operating fully independent movie studio in the world, announced today the east and west coast premiere of Lloyd Kaufman’s Poultrygeist, Night of The Chicken Dead in New York at The Village East Theater on May 9th and in Los Angeles at The Laemmle Sunset on June 13th. Shot and screened on 35mm, the film blends the feather ruffling politics of Fast Food Nation, the satire of Shaun of The Dead and the show-stopping musical numbers of Spring Awakening to skewer the fast food industry, limousine liberals, and almost everyone else in American society. More information can be found at

While paying homage to true grind house horror and combining musical numbers, Poultrygeist has already be hailed by critics calling the film, “Without a doubt, the best film Troma’s ever produced” (Jason Pollock, C.H.U.D) and “[Poutrygeist] Makes Borat look like The Sound of Music” (Kevin Williamson, The Calgary Sun). Variety exclaims, “a veritable Cluckwork Orange! It takes up where the punctured glutton in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life left off!!!” Director, Kaufman, who has been credited with inventing the “slapstick gore” movie in 1982 with The Toxic Avenger, continues his visionary body of work with this “fowl movement”


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