ROAD-SHOW-20082Charles Band is headed to a city near you with his 3rd Annual Full Moon Horror Road Show. Most people recognize him for his PUPPETMASTER series. I used to love to stay up late and watch those puppets creeping around killing people. I still have my Pinhead and Leech Lady figures somewhere. But Blade was my favorite.

PUPPETMASTER is still the highest marketed movie franchise in the independent (direct to video) catergory. Another one you might remember is his Trancer series staring Helen hunt or perhaps you remember him as the executive producer on Ghoulies. Whatever the case he is remembered.

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Starting on May 24th Charles Band is hitting the highway with his Full Moon Road Show and the first stop is Tempe Arizona. You need to see it to believe it. Charles will be showing off his puppets, rare film clips and creatures to all that venture out to see this magical experience. Here at HorrorSociety we will give you a set of tickets to the show of your choice.

To win a pair of tickets answer this simple question:

QUESTION: What famous pot head was in Charles Band’s Evil Bong?

Email the answer to and will hook you up! If you win you MUST tell what city you want to see the show in.


May 24th – Phoenix Arizona – The SETS in Tempe
May 30th – Portland OR – The Aladdin Theater
June 1st – Seattle WA – Showbox SODO Theater
June 6th – St. Louis MO – Off Broadway Theater
June 7th – Chicago IL – The Abbey Pub
June 8th – Madison WI – The Barrymore Theatre
June 13th – Charlotte NC – The Extravaganza Depot
June 14th – Atlanta GA – The Plaza Theatre
June 15th – Knoxville TN – Bijou Theatre
June 18th – New York City – The China Club
June 21st – Oklahoma City OK – The Diamond Ballroom
June 22nd – Dallas TX – Lakewood Theatre

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(HOLLYWOOD) Charles Band, founder of sci fi/horror movie studio Full Moon Features and whose 270 plus films has established him as one of Hollywood’s most successful and prolific cult movie impresarios, has announced that he will stage the 3rd incarnation of his FULL MOON HORROR ROAD SHOW this summer.

This one night only show is a horror-palooza of sorts. Cult Horror Film Director Charles Band packs his shows to the brim with puppets, creatures and rare film clips. For horror movie fans and fans of the PUPPETMASTER film series, this event will feature unique interactive audience participations on stage, upcoming new release film trailers by Full Moon Features, surprise celebrity guest appearances, original puppet and doll auctions, hot chicks, unique merchandise and novelty items and live special effects demonstrations!!
A pioneer in the field of home video, Band has built a reputation as a prolific and frequent director of entertaining low-budget genre films. Band has produced a string of features variously delving into the realms of horror, sci-fi and fantasy. “The Puppetmaster Series” may be his most celebrated and popular franchise. 8 Puppetmaster features have been released to date and the franchise is known as the most successful independent direct to video horror film series of all time. Full Moon has also created many other well know franchises such as the TRANCERS series starring Helen Hunt and Tim Thomerson, the SUBSPECIES series shot on location in Transylvania Romania as well as DOLLMAN, DEMONIC TOYS, KILLLJOY and THE GINGERDEADMAN (starring Gary Busey as a killer cookie!). In addition to all the feature film work FULL MOON is also very active in creating and marketing a wide variety of merchandise including original action figures, resin statues and 1:1 scale replicas of its more well known puppets and dolls.

“The show is absolutely unique and totally unpredictable! It’s extremely interactive and I’m really excited to get back on the road and have fun with all the fans. The event really gets crazier every year – I feel a bit like those travelling turn of the century magicians who went from city to city doing bizarre stuff on stage. And I’m very lucky that there are so many fans out who like my films and enjoy coming to the show!”
– Charles Band (03/27/08)


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