frightmobileILLUSION TELEVISION launches the first true horror mobile video network.


Cable VOD channel Illusion on Demand, known for their science fiction offering, is following their recent surge of expansion to operators like Charter Communications with another ground-breaking announcement. Beginning in mid-June Illusion will be launching “Fright Mobile”, the first true mobile horror channel. As part of this same announcement Illusion is releasing original mobile exclusive series, adding to a horror library of commentary shows, short films and classic clips. All of Illusion’s original mobile series are unique in that they are made to take advantage of the medium in ways that have not been seen before. The stories unfold via video, text alerts, voicemails and photo alerts with each piece media being an integral part to the story of the series.

“Our initial idea was to place what were essentially TV series onto mobile phones. That concept died off quickly when we realized we had the potential to push the envelope and try to define a language for this new medium. It’s exciting because it’s different. Fright Mobile isn’t a place for news or community, there are people that do that better. We want Fright Mobile to be something altogether different. By bringing together great stories, very talented people and an experimental spirit toward the project as a whole I’m excited about the potential.” Dekker Dreyer, creative director of Illusion Television.

The first year slate will feature three original productions developed under affiliated production company Danda Motion Pictures.

“Potter’s Field” is a tale of voodoo and murder set in the Deep South. The series stars J LaRose (Saw III & IV), Randy Molnar (Delivery), David Preuss (Oliver Twisted) and newcomer Sean Hampton.

“Arkham”, which launches later in the year, is a modern revisiting to the world of H.P. Lovecraft set in the fictional Arkham Massachusetts. The story unfolds through the lens of a journalist who delves too deep into the town’s sorted history. Featuring Caitlyn Darr (Aunt Rose) and officially licensed by Arkham House.

“Last Transmission” is a sci-fi / horror thriller. Follow the stories to uncover the clues. Fight past the lies to discover the truth about project “Syia Chimera”. Directed by Jessie Pridemore.

Fright Mobile will be testing the boundaries of what can be accomplished in this new medium with an emphasis on delivering great stories for horror lovers. Fright Mobile may not be suitable for children.


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