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Review by AngryPrincess

Teddy wakes up from having a hell of a night partying with a smug look on his face and a condom on his dick. Suddenly he remembers what a great lay he video taped the previous night to put on his adult website. He struts shirtless from room to room surveying the damage that was done and even though the mess is over bearing he can’t help but revel in his ego trip at what the fuckin man he is.

Teddy comes across two stragglers that never left and wakes them up hoping to move them on their merry little way. Paul tries to wake up his friend Craig so they can jet but instead of leaving Craig barely makes it to the toilet to heave up last nights entertainment. Teddy and Paul watch and giggle like two little school girls as the chunks fly. Typical male behavior of loving all things gross like farts, burps and barf!

Poor Teddy winds up spending a lot of time trying to get rid of these ignorant fucks, but soon realizes they have no intentions of leaving his house anytime soon. Craig is the heathen out of the two men and his eyes let you know that his shifty ass is up to something, and that could only lead to no good. Will Teddy be able to get rid of these two fucks without offending them?

Written by AngryPrincess