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Israel Luna Fright Flick Director

Israel Luna: Turning Heads with Fright Flick’s Bright Auteur. By Brian Kirst


Israel Luna, dckirector and writer of the outrageous Fright Flick (currently up for two awards at the Syracuse B Movie Festival), got bitten by the horror movie bug early. “My family was at a multi-plex drive-in in Las Vegas to see Superman when I was 5. My eyes were glued to the next screen over, though. The Exorcist was playing on it and I couldn’t drag my eyes away. I was sold for life!”

Linda Blair’s head whirling antics weren’t the only thing to remarkably transform Luna’s life, though. “I discovered Cable Access in Dallas, where I’m based, and began creating shows for them.”

Soon, Luna was directing Is Anybody There? – a horror feature picked up for distribution but never released. “It was about a group of kids playing with an Ouija board. I got hooked on the Ouija board as a kid. I’m totally a believer!” Luna is now re-filming a version of Is Anybody There? that references the original, but will surely benefit from Luna’s intense artistic experience over the past few years.

Fright Flick came about after Luna worked with a group of overbearing artists on a film set. “It was the first time I had worked with 30 cast and crew. Within a few days, I wanted to kill them. So, I decided to write a movie. I gave them all the same names and positions and killed them off in brutal ways. It was the easiest thing I ever wrote!”

Fright Flick has also proven itself to be one of the easiest festival flicks for audiences to enjoy. Luna’s favorite films are Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Evil Dead –and all these influences show in this comic, bloodily creative film. With its emphasis on flamboyant production staff, busty leading ladies and grue strewn murders, Luna has certainly found a firm rhythm as a creative personality.

“I love to write!” Luna concludes. All, then, can be sure to expect a lifetime of scintillating entertainment from Luna and his production company, La Luna Entertainment. To keep up with Luna, Fright Flick and his other projects be sure to make frequent visits to

Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!

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