barricade art2BARRICADE, is an indie horror film written and directed by Timo Rose, featuring Joe Zaso and Raine Brown. It was co-written by Ted Geoghegan (writer of Sweat Shop) who is one of the most talented writers in indie horror today.

The story is one, set in the Black Forest mountains of Germany, of an incestuous and cannibalistic family that kill pretty much all who come to the Black Forest to camp and enjoy some of the most beautiful forest in the world. The story is not ground-breaking horror as it’s been done many times in movies like THE HILLS HAVE EYES and WRONG TURN. But, it’s never been done quite so violently, with so much blood, and with such much gore. It’s the most violent and gory film of it’s genre that I’ve seen.

The stand out acting comes from Raine Brown. As is often the case, she carries much of the film because Raine’s acting is fantastic. I absolutely love Raine Brown and believe her to be in the top 5 most talented actresses in indie horror today. The family is scary as hell. The gore f/x are nasty and quite extreme.

The cinematography, directing, and editing are all tight as hell. Mr. Rose is involved in every aspect of the film. He co-writes, directs, edits, co-cinematography, and plays Marc, one of the family. He is a force to be reckoned with in the indie horror world and I’m truly looking forward to his spin on the werewolf genre, THE BEAST, which is now available too on

Barricade makes the remake of THE HILLS HAVE EYES look like it was made by Walt Disney. Given a choice of THE HILLS HAVE EYES, WRONG TURN, or BARRICADE, choose BARRICADE. You won’t be disappointed in the least.

Barricade can be purchased on

The Trailer

Director:Timo Rose

Writers:Ted Geoghegan (writer)
Timo Rose (writer)

Release Date:9 February 2007 (USA)


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