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DIRECTED BY: Terrence Williams
REVIEWED BY: Mario Dominick

Terrence Williams and Cinema Threat Productions, the micro budget gore moviemakers from Los Angeles who gave us the sleaze classic The Hood Has Eyez, bring us this sick, gory, over-the-top, and offensive horror comedy called Horno.

Horno is the story about a low budget filmmaker who decides to make a combo horror/porno flick, hence a “horno” movie. After getting an adult movie producer to agree to produce his horror film, he’s told it must have an excessive amount of nudity and sex, therefore making it marketable for the adult film market. The horno movie he begins to shoot called “Children of the Cornhole” involves zombies with giant dongs who anally rape unsuspecting nymphomaniacs. Meanwhile, a mysterious drug that one of the actor’s girlfriends tries turns her into a zombie and she bites the guy’s dick off. The zombie virus originating from this drug soon spreads like wildfire and the whole film shoot is eventually consumed by flesh chomping ghouls with an appetite for human organs.

Horno is a hilarious gore comedy with plenty of T&A, sex, guts, dismemberment, and vulgarity. It’s Terrence Williams’ best film with The Hood Has Eyez coming in as a close second. I look forward to seeing what kind of sick and outrageous ideas he has to bring us in his next feature.

Cinema Threat’s DVD of Horno contains a special 44 minute “circumsized” version of The Hood Has Eyez with an introduction by Williams. This version is what you would call a “best of” promo short for the movie. It features links to places where you can buy the full version that pop up on the screen throughout and at the end. Also included is a trailer for the movie within the movie of Horno called “Children of the Cornhole” and trailers for Horno, The Hood Has Eyez, and Revenge of La Llorona.

Fans of extreme underground cinema and horror/splatter comedies will definitely get a kick out of Horno. Please visit Cinema Threat at to order your copy today!

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  1. Great review! Sounds funny. Something I'll def check out. I really dug Pervert & One Eyed Monster so this is right up my alley (no pun intended).

  2. Ordered this from It was funny as hell. Couldn't stop laughing. The gore was effectively executed as well. It's a short film but well worth it. Every second had me entertained. Killer review guys.

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