Monster Movie Seminar- Valentine’s Day, Chicago!

Monster Movie Seminar – February 14th in Chicago!! By Brian Kirst

Love can be a monster and Lill Street artist-in-residence Aaron Delehanty is getting ready to prove that in a big way with his Monster Movie Seminar. Taking place at the Lill Street Arts Center, 4401 N. Ravenswood Avenue in Chicago, from 6 to 8 PM on Sunday, February 14th, this ‘Franken-bash’ will prove to the world, for once and for all, whether you truly are a Bloody Valentine!

Featuring music and performance acts, Delehanty also encourages all the weird and wooly to come in costume to experience the monstrous majesty of Brainstorm Comic’s Matt Fagan as he dissects the world o’ the creature with an amazing presentation-discussion.

Best of all in these recessive times – the event is totally free! Nothing scary about that – but it definitely gives you no excuses for not attending this deadly fun event!