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Jeremiah Kipp’s Contact Review

Contact. Reviewed by Brian Kirst

Filmed in gauzy black and white and bringing the phrase “saving a place for someone” to fully realized heights, Jeremiah Kipp’s short “Contact” is a dreamy urban carnival-scape.

After purchasing drugs from a creepy riverbank pusher and his sexily venomous cohorts, a young couple find themselves on a face melding and possibly deadly trip. Like a Sandy Duncan musical special on crack, the ordinary objects in the world of “Contact” soon take on a liquid and ominous subtext.

Utilizing unusual point of view angles and a dreamy rhythm, director Kipp most importantly brings out the unusual beauty of his powerful indie-heaven cast including Danny Lopes, fellow director Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly (whom adds another fascinating and heartily compelling character to his cannon here).

Written by BrianK