What do you need for a good b-movie? A Big Chase and a Big Chest! Get a couple of good looking girls and some action and you got yourself a hit! That seems to be the answer given by B-Movie director Jim Wynorski.

Popatopolis is the new documentary following Jim on his movie making career. Director Clay Westervelt takes on the challenge of showcasing Jim’s everyday life in his first documentary. And what a challenge it is from the looks of the trailer. Popatopolis is coming out this summer on DVD so look for it everywhere. Check out the synopsis below.

Jim Wynorski was the first to cast Traci Lords in mainstream cinema. He directed Heather Locklear in Return of Swamp Thing. He discovered Jennifer Love Hewitt. Now, the man behind The Bare Wench Project and The Devil Wears Nada has a new challenge: filming a movie in THREE DAYS.

He has a successful formula (A Big Chase, and A Big Chest) and a catchy title (The Witches of Breastwick). Now he just needs to cut the schedule, the crew, the makeup, and the food so he can focus on the only special effects he can really afford: the buxom assets of Julie K. Smith, Monique Parent, and Stormy Daniels.

Humorous and insightful, this award-winning documentary peeks into the top-popping world of B-movies before they disappear from our shelves forever.

About the Director:
After receiving both the Bush and Kodak Awards for Excellence in Cinematography, Clay graduated with a MFA from USC’s School of Cinema-Television, immediately filming pilots for every major network. He established the look of series such as Life of Luxury with Robin Leach (ABC) and Gene Simmons: Family Jewels (A&E).

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Written by Mitchell Wells

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