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Hey Fiends! I hope you enjoyed my killer interview with Michael Rooker last week! His performance in The Walking Dead as Merle Dixon was definitely as memorable as I thought it was going to be.. whoa! Rooker has always been a great actor, but i’m so glad he will finally receive the reception he deserves from the mass public, good for you, my brotha! Speaking of an incredible actor I have one to introduce you all to now, and hopefully she needs no introduction to you personally. What can I say about Jenny Spain’s performance in DEADGIRL that has not already been said by countless viewers and critics? She somehow brought beauty to a being that was supposed to be extremely dark and terrible? She had not one actual line in the film but still brought a humanity and a realness to an idea which is completely fictional? She will always be remembered now and always in the genre for bringing countless nightmares into people’s lives once again? Why don’t we just chalk it up as Jenny Spain kicks ass.. period!

DEADGIRL, mostly due to her performance, is most definitely my choice for greatest new horror film in the last decade! And if you have not seen this, do yourself a favor and give this one a look, please! It’s that good. So, Jenny I have actually only known through internet conversations, but I would dare say that through the months we have definitely become friends. . well, as close as the web can get you to a friend.. haha! She loves her fans as much as her fans love her, and trust me, there’s alot to love! Jenny is not only super talented, she is also highly generous, funny as hell, she adores the genre, and.. she is drop dead gorgeous to boot! Ironically, she was drop dead gorgeous to the teen characters in DEADGIRL also. She was dead.. and they would use her to drop it like it’s hot! Mwhahaha! That sounded like morbid gangsta humor to me.. I swear it will never happen again, okay? Anyway, I spoke to Jenny about her beginnings, her modeling career, playing DEADGIRL, and her plans to make a sci-fi web series she is part of entitled Harvest a supreme television series reality. So what do you say? Let’ get down to some horror business!

Delamorte: Jenny, thank you so much for speaking to me, it’s definitely a very cool thing for me being that I am also a fan of yours. My first question involves your take on fear as a child. When I was a little kid, I was personally frightened by horror, but I was also fascinated by it. In fact, I had attempted to make my own fake blood at the age of six(laughs). So what about you? Did you like that type of thing when you were little, or were you absolutely frightened by everything?

Jenny: I was actually fearless as a kid. I think I pretty much did it all from bloody mary, candyman, seances with candles and the holy bible to skateboarding, jumping my bike off jumps to doing my own stunts! (Laughs) My dad was a big influence. As you can tell, I am a daddy’s girl. He introduced me to my first horror movie The Exorcist and when I was a little bit older he bought my friends and I tickets to see Chucky in the theater. He dropped us off and didn’t tell us what the movie was, we were in for a scare. After that I could never look at my dolls the same! (Laughs again)

Delamorte: Could you please let my readers and myself know how you were discovered. Was it this fantasy scenario where someone eyes you walking down the street, or was it more of a long arduous process of continuous auditioning and callbacks?

Jenny: A friend of mine was working on production and contacted me about the part. Gadi and Marcel were tired of seeing the typical “Hollywood” girls coming in and auditioning. They were looking for someone more natural, someone who was different. They contacted me and I did a home audition and they LOVED it. Soon after I was in L. A filming DEADGIRL.

Delamorte: You are quite obviously a famed magazine model. So when you do a photo shoot, are you nervous at all or do you feel natural when you’re in front of the lens?

Jenny: It depends on the shoot. There are times it becomes natural and there are times that I get nervous and forget. It all depends on the people that I work with and the environment. It’s nice when I shoot to have music to get me going and a glass of wine to relax and get myself in the mood and focused.

Delamorte: Every time I go on your Facebook page you are watching a horror film of some sort in your status. Which is in truth a dream come true for a guy like myself(laughs). So please tell me what is your favorite horror film ever, and why?

Jenny: My all time favorite movie is Bram Stoker’s Dracula! I LOVE that movie! It’s a great dark love story and sexy as hell! I can watch it over and over, and never get tired of it.

Delamorte: You had mentioned on the podcast The Gash that you were absolutely frightened by all things involving the paranormal. What is your favorite paranormal film, and are you one of those people like me that thought Paranormal Activity sucks? (laughs hard)

Jenny: I actually went and saw paranormal activity at the Arclight Hollywood when it came out. I had mixed feelings on it. I have had many paranormal experiences and poltergeists are real. It’s a scary thing to witness. Those who are into the paranormal and that have experienced unexplained phenomenon and lost sleep over it would understand.

Delamorte: Here are some questions I wanted to ask you about the film DEADGIRL, which is awesome by the way. When you were doing the auditioning for that you had stated that you were inspired by Shaun Of The Dead for your actions and movements. So do you prefer viewing zombie films, or are you more of a vampire girl?

Jenny: I just happened to have been watching Shaun of the Dead when they asked me to audition! (Laughs) I had to hold back from laughing because I just kept getting the funniest clips from the movie run through my head. I do enjoy zombie movies but I have always been a HUGE fan of vampire flicks. They are just SO damn sexy! I’ve always wanted to be one.

Delamorte: When you were filming the scenes in that asylum, you were obviously dealing with some extremely dark content. So I was wondering when the camera was not rolling, was the mood still kind of strange, or was everyone more light hearted to create a more positive mood?
Jenny: We all worked together to make the setting and environment as comfortable as we could. It was really important that we all worked together and gave each other some kind of support in some way. It wasn’t always easy. I was very fortunate to have worked with a great cast and crew. They were always asking me how I was doing, giving me heated blankets to stay warm.

Delamorte: I personally loved Deadgirl and of course your performance in it. But I wanted to know what you felt about this. To people who do not understand the genre, do you think that Deadgirl would be considered controversial to the close-minded like say The Human Centipede?

Jenny: I still haven’t seen that movie yet! Yes, Deadgirl is very controversial to the close minded. I can’t even tell you how many people who have criticized me for my role even my own family have given me shit for it. I have always been very open minded and never really understood those who are close minded. It can get really irritating that people cant see the picture. It’s right there, right there in front of their face.

Delamorte: After your experience with Deadgirl, do you plan on acting in any other horror films in the future?

Jenny: Absolutely, I have a couple projects in the works and soon as the ball gets rolling I can discuss more about them. I am working on a scifi thriller web/tv series called “HARVEST” you all need to check out. What happens when a Population Control Virus wipes out over half of humanity and the only antidote is a fresh human cerebellum?  Who unleashed this horrendous virus?  How will people survive?  Is anyone immune?  What would you do?  HARVEST is a pulse pounding and thought provoking series that gives us a glimpse of the not so distant future.

Delamorte: Here’s my last question about the film. When you were running at the end of the film where were you going? (laughs)I’m just kidding, I bet that question has gotten stale. My real question is about the producers of the film who also produced Heathers as well as Hellraiser. So which do you prefer, Heathers or Hellraiser?

Jenny: DEADGIRL could be anywhere! Maybe hiding in your bushes or under your bed(Laughs)I’ve always liked Hellraiser. I bought all of the Hellraisers when they came out and till this day still own them on VHS.

Delamorte: You have an upcoming magazine spread in a future issue of GoreZone Magazine, which I definitely congratulate you on. How did that interview go for you, and when can we expect to see it in print?

Jenny: Thank You! The shoot was so much fun and the interview went Great! The journalist over at Gorezone sounded so freakin sweet I just wanted to chew my way through the phone(Laughs)You can expect to see my interview and photos in the December Issue #62

Delamorte: You also have an internet series called Harvest, which is soon to be picked up by the SyFy Channel I had heard. So could you please tell my readers and myself a little about that project?

Jenny: As soon as we are done with the editing we plan on pitching it to Syfy and a few others. Pretty excited about it! It is a really great series that features appearances by Carlos Alazraqui (Reno 911), Jenny Spain (DEADGIRL), Richard Tyson (Something about Mary, Black Hawk Down) and Aina O’Kane (Norweigian Pop Sensation). Not only will Jim Ojala direct the pilot episode but he will be overseeing all the makeup fx in the film as well. Jim’s background in professional special makeup/creature fx (DEADGIRL, 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, Hellboy 2, etc. ) will also help bring high production value to HARVEST. This will also be Jims directing debut!

Delamorte: I have spoken to actresses who hold the moniker of Scream Queen in the eyes of many people. So tell me would you appreciate the title, or do you think that it might be a bit too much to handle, and in turn might have you typecast?
Jenny: I don’t mind it, in a way I am already being typecast as a Scream Queen. I am also very versatile! as much as I love horror movies I am also the type of person who likes to further herself in her career. I like to mix it up and do different things. I like to surprise people.

Delamorte: Jenny, thanks so much again for speaking with me, I definitely look forward to your future projects.

Jenny: No, Thank You! ! You’re a cool dude. Please continue to be awesome!

And there you have it, a very fun and interesting interview with someone who is extremely fun herself, and also as down to Earth as most people in the industry can get! You can pick up DEADGIRL on dvd from Dark Sky Film now, and be sure to support the series creation of Harvest, very cool show idea! Also, pick up the new Gore Zone Magazine with a GORE-geous pictorial of Miss Spain and interview on newsstands also! Well, that’s all for now. If you enjoy my interviews or just see something in me you want to support, you can do so by joining Delamorte’s Dungeon Of Deadly Delights on Facebook. . the only place where pain and pleasure can be enjoyable! There myself and my team will bring you even more terror, and you can meet my lovely Demonesses: Psycho Shelby Lyn, Amy Apocalypse, Tammy “The Creeper”, Vicious “Vee” Paege, and our newest addition to the Dungeon family, Rotten Rumie! She will be the youngest horror writer ever I picked up from the mean industrial streets of Black Sabbath’s hometown, Birmingham, England. . oh hell yeah! Till next time, remember. . the only thing that can impale your dreams is your own negativity. Scare ya later!

Sweet Nightmares and Pleasant Screams, Yours Till The Sun Turns Black, Rob Delamorte

Written by Mitchell Wells

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