Serial Killer Trivia Game

Kill of be killed in this new game from Culture Heros.  The Serial Killer Trivia Game “goal is to claim five victims before the other serial killers in town beat you to the guts (and glory)! Break into houses and pick a scenario card to reveal your murderous fate.”

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RyanH206 says:

Hi Josh,

I feel horrible after reading this. I was totally unaware that you're order got messed up and/or skipped. Please get ahold of me asap and I will rectify the situation. It's a small 2 person operation. I just went through our orders and couldn't find your email to contact you personally…..


Mitchell Wells DrGore says:

I'm glad this got resolved. The original comment has been deleted by request if the poster. Thanks

Josh says:

While there were some issues with the ordering process, Ryan Hobson has been a great help getting everything resolved. The game looks incredibly well made, and even ships with a high quality Gacy sticker. If your sensibilities tend towards the macabre, this will make a fantastic buy.

RyanH206 says:


This game will be featured at the upcoming 2011 Seattle Crypticon. A table with the last available games will be set up along with other items to check out. Hope you can make it! It's gonna be creeptastic!

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