Interview with Saw 3D’s Gabby West

Gabby West burst onto your television screens in 2010 when she appeared on season two of VH1’s Scream Queens. Gabby successfully beat out thousands of girls to be dubbed ‘The Next Great Scream Queen’ and received a breakout role in Saw 3D. Kara, Miss West’s character in Saw 3D, met Jigsaw on 10/29/2010 when Saw 3D hit theatres nationwide. The last entry in the franchise would gross over $130,000,000 worldwide and is currently available on DVD.

Gabby took the time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for me. Give it a read and get to know this force in the film industry a little better! I know you’ll definitely be seeing her on the silver screen again soon.

What was your favorite moment, besides winning, of Scream Queens Season 2?

Gabby: Shocking everyone. I think when I did my asylum scene people knew it was over. The cat was outta the bag.

How was it working on the billion dollar franchise (Saw)?

Gabby: Amazing. Everyone there was so welcoming and kind. It was a wonderful experience.

Did you and Tanedra Howard (winner of Scream Queens season 1) bump into each other on set at all?

Gabby: No, but I did get to meet her at The Scream Awards. She was my favorite from season 1. I adore her.

Can you go into detail about your new horror-comedy film, Chillerama?

Gabby: Sure! It’s a series of vignettes with other directors including Adam Rifk, Joe Lynch, and Adam Green. I play an obsessive girly-girl who learns her love interest is gay, gets his by a bus, and goes a little cooooo-kooooo. All in good fun. I’m singing in it as well. You get to see a side of me that is goofy. It’s really funny.

I see you’ve done two horror conventions already. Did you ever attend one without being famous, if so what’s it like being on the other side?

Gabby: No, I never attended one. They sure are fun, though!

Are you planning on staying with the horror genre or branching out?

Gabby: I am open to doing horror, but I have a few things in the works – top secret stuff – and they are dramatic pieces. Stay tuned.

Bowling For Boobies! Will you be doing further charities in the future?

Gabby: I am already raising money for this year’s Bowling For Boobies Charity. It is fulfilling to help humanity and be apart of the bigger picture on a global scale. Right now, Bowling For Boobies is auctioning a day on the set of General Hospital. Please see my twitter for details or visit Go!

You appeared in Bruno?

Gabby: lol Yep. I was a featured extra. At the time they told us we were doing a PSA for saying no to drugs. I saw Sasha Baren Cohen and was like, “Yeah, right.” Plus, I’m too intuitive as it is. I knew it was a special project.

Where can Gabby West fans look to see you again in 2011?

Gabby: Fans can see me again in Chillerama, and keep in touch on twitter @Gabby_West and my official website Great things are coming.

So, there you have HorrorSociety readers. Make sure to keep an eye on our website as we bring you the latest news on Gabby’s upcoming horror-comedy, Chillerama. Also, make sure you follow her on twitter and check out her official website for all the most up to date news. There are great things in store for her future, whether they be horror based or not.

Congratulations on all your accomplishments so far, Gabby, and thank you for taking the time out to do this interview.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)