Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Halloween (1978)


Haddonfield (1963) – Halloween – the movie opens on a house at night. We see a girl and boy going upstairs to make out. We follow someone as they go into the kitchen and pull out a big kitchen knife and then go upstairs to the girl‘s room. The girl is not scared of the person who turn out to be Michael Myers. With the butcher knife, he stabs his sister repeatedly.

Flash forward to October 30, 1978 – Dr. Loomis an a nurse are driving to the mental hospital. As they get closer, they see the patients running loose. When Michael attack the nurse in the car, she barely escapes before Michael jumps in the empty car and drives off. 

In a quite suburb of Haddonfield, Laurie Strode emerges from her house on the way to school, but first she has to run an errand for her dad. Soon Tommy catches up with her and walks with her towards school. As she drops off the key, a shadowy figure i seen in the house and watches Laurie as she walks off.

After school, Tommy is teased by some bullies and followed by Michael Myers as he walks home by himself.

Meanwhile, Dr. Loomis is chasing after Michael. He stops to alert the town authorities but they seem to dismiss his warnings.

Laurie walks home after school with her best friends, Linda and Annie. Michael drives by them, tormenting the girls before speeding off.

Dr. Loomis arrives in Haddonfield and the first place he heads for is the cemetery and Judith Myers‘ grave. Discovering it has been desecrated, he seeks out the town‘s sheriff.

Laurie arrives at Tommy‘s house for babysitting duties while Annie goes to little Lindsay‘s house to do the same.

As the night wanes on, Michael Myers begins his hunt. Hunting down and killing Laurie‘s friends one by one until only Laurie is left. As he closes in on his prey, Dr. Loomis arrives to put a stop to the Shape of evil…if it can be stopped.

What a great story and name for a movie. Originally released as an independent film, Halloween is truly a horror cult classic. And why shouldn‘t it be? It was our first glimpse of the bogeyman. The one that couldn‘t be killed.

The struggle between good and evil, Laurie versus Michael is epic. The Shape of evil is really no match for the face of innocent…and isn‘t that what the character of Laurie Strode really is? Innocent lost.

Jamie Lee Curtis is Laurie Strode. She is the girl next door and everyone‘s friend. But LaurieStrode is also a symbol of strength because Laurie is a fighter. She stares evil in the face and comes out on the other side stronger.

For all the right reasons, Halloween deserves…no demands 5 out of 5 big, beautiful bloody stumps way up!

Next up for Jamie Lee Curtis is The Fog – another John Carpenter‘s classic cult cinema.


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