We just got some info from Logan about his new film Mondo Sexxxx! Shot for under $1000, this ultra indie flick is part cult, part exploitation, part….well… let’s let Logan tell you some more. Be sure to check the trailers out below too.

Just finished my first feature length film, MONDO SEXXXX: the Terry Kobrah story shot for under 1,000 dollars in small town, TN. The film documents the rise and fall of a crazed small town theatrical director. Set in a small Appalachian town, Terry’s transformation from star business man to cripple to director to corpse is told through a darkly comedic lens. Though presented as a biopic, Mondo Sexxxx incorporates several sub-genres, such as exploitation, horror and farce, to create the diseased atmosphere which Terry inhabits. I’m hitting the festival circuit very hard this year and trying to get some press, previews, and reviews before hand.

Synopsis: Introducing Terry Kobrah…a man whose morals and general actions were extremely absurd to say the least. This docu/dark comedy looks back on his life after “the accident” at an Acid factory which confined him to a wheelchair, mostly… and gave him a new perspective on life. Exposing the outside world to his past exploits, including his adopted “family” of Gimps, mondo bitches, family life, his obsession with cats, kidnapping women, his sex complex, life as a child, and the “Everyman theatre” a pervert sex show which gathered a cult following and put him in a position where he felt on top of the world until the theatre was shut down and he was diagnosed HIV positive…Includes interviews of past family members, fans, personal friends, and even Terry himself moments before his death.

Mondo Sexxxx Trailer
Montage trailer

Submitted by Logan Myers


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