Psychopaths (2010)

According to his website, Jason Impey revisted his ultimate exploitation film to rework it into the original film he wanted to make. He took the zombie element out and removed the extreme hardcare shots that caused the film trouble. He then mad the original beginning into a flash back to help develop the characters and shot a new beginning, ending, and added more scenes that were used throughout to develop the police characters of Charles and Doug. Psychopaths is the definitive edition of Jason Impey’s rape and revenge shocker.

Finally! I found a director who knew what to do with a story (granted, it’s not a good story.) Wow, what a relief. I saw Jason Impey’s third film in my possesion last night and I went in with very low expectations. I was surprised that for an Indie film it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t eveb groan. Well, I may have groaned once or twice but I’ll get to that later.

Psychopaths is a gritty and raw look at two men on the lame from not only the authorities but from society – our psychopaths. Make no mistake, there are no hereos in this movie, nor is there anybody worth caring about. Yet the raw rage portrayed in this film kept me watching to the very end.

Our two main psychopaths stumble and bumble their way across the countryside arguing like an old married couple along the way, and it didn’t surprise me that they met a grissly and gruesome demise. However, I think all the characters in this film were some type of psychopath. There were the dirty, and probably crooked cops, the woman that got more enjoyment out of pleasuring themselves or each other than look a man in the face, and then there were the cold killers.

While this film was far from perfect, believe there were a lot (A LOT) of problems, it does proves a point that I talked about in Killer Stories (2010) that I reveiwed earlier. The point is this, when Jason Impey allows a story to unfold naturally, he accomplishes his stated goal of being a descent B movie filmmaker. To bad he doesn’t have bigger dreams and goals.

*Warning* If you have the opportunity to watch Psychopaths by Jason Impey, be warned there are several graphic and horrific scenes involving rape and girl on girl sexual acts.

Now that I’ve seen three of Jason Impey’s films, I really have zero desire to see more. Overall I think he is a sloppy director who at times rushes the story just to get to his favorite part, and I think he really needs help with his writing abilities. I especially find it shocking that his ambitions are set so low, at least in my mind they are low.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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