Interview with 2010 Golden Cob Award Winner, Jessica Cameron

With my latest interview, I bring you a chat with actress Jessica Cameron. Originally hailing from Canada, Jessica is the winner of the 2010 Golden Cob Award for Rising B Movie Actress. I spoke with her a while ago on twitter while doing an article interviewing tons of celebrities, so I’m glad we’ve finally got the chance to talk more in-depth. This interview with Jessica is really interesting because she provides me, and by default all of us readers, with a facebook page for upcoming horror film The Sleeper which I could not find on my own, gives us the trailer for Post Mortem which hasn’t been posted on HorrorSociety yet, goes in-depth on whip training, and expresses her gratitude for indie fans. So, give this interview a read. Jessica is great!

First thing I wanted to chat about is The Sleeper because I’m a sucker for slasher films. The Sleeper looks like a mix of Black Christmas and Sorority Row. What can you tell us about this project?

If you like slasher films than you will not be disappointed. If you like 80’s slasher films then this may just be your favorite film of the year! And really who does not love 80’s slasher films?!?! This film centers around a sorority house that is targeted by a mad man, set in the mid 80’s. It is a great homage to the slasher films of the 80’s, with the modern day gore that audiences now expect. Writer/director Justin Russell really loves genre cinema, and focused on making a film that the fans will adore. You can see more about it here

Potpouri! Can you give us more information in this project? I’ve been keeping track of it for some time. Is it more fantasy or more horror?

It is a fantastic mixture of both! Part of what attracted me to the script is how it successfully combined both genres. The story line that I am in is more fantasy related, I play Princess Areola and sadly her kingdom has been over thrown in an alternate world. Trust me, when you watch the film it will all make sense. One of my all time favorite directors/actors and people is Brandon Van Vliet, and he was the producer who introduced me to the project. The script was literally unlike anything I have ever read, seen or heard of so I really wanted to be a part of it.  And what girl wouldn’t want the chance to play a princess. Fun movie fact of the day – I got to wear my high school prom dress for some of the scenes!

I heard that Camel Spiders will be premiering on SyFy Channel this summer. How was your time on set of this film?

Yes I am very excited to see this film completed. This is a Jim Wynorski film, as everyone who has ever been fortunate enough to be on one of his sets will tell you – it is an experience all its own. He has a very set idea of what he is looking for in all aspects of his projects. The actor’s performance, set appearance, and overall project. I worked really well with him – I really appreciated his honesty. If you, as an actor ,do something that he does not like, he will tell you in brutal honesty just how bad it was. It really forces everyone to be on their “A” game. I had worked with some of the actors on other sets as well, so this made it feel like a fun reunion. I love sets like this!

Are you still in Scream Queen Campfire? It’s in your full resume, but not on IMDB.

Yes I am. IMDB sadly allows others to report inaccuracies on people’s pages. This has caused many people in the independent film industry to have their IMDB pages altered by jealous third parties. I am really looking forward to shooting this project – it has some of the most talented indy actors and actresses in it! Seriously – the cast is AMAZING!You can see the IMDB Page (that I should be on) here.

I love the title Post Mortem, America 2021. I think it’s safe to say we can assume this will be a zombie movie?

That is EXTREMELY safe to say! Sounds like some one has seen the trailer, which you can see here. My character is the best of the bad people, when you see it you will totally understand. She is constantly in the worst place at the worst time… This film features many wonderful genre stars including Linnea Quigley. Although I did not get to film with her, to be in a film that she is a part of is a huge honor for me. She is one of the greatest “scream queens” of all time!

Just read the plot summary for another upcoming film of yours, Girl Scout Cookies. Can you tell me how girl scout cookies relates to the plot – 6 couples going camping and ultimately getting killed?

The girl scouts in this film are not the girl scouts that you know and love. In our film we are a secret group who gather yearly to do our annual hunt. And our girls do not sell cookies. You should see our badges… This is one of the most original and brave independent film concepts that I have been approached with. I knew immediately after reading the treatment that I wanted to be involved with it. I just completed my whip training for this film, and had so much fun. Whip training is a harder skill then I realized, and takes a lot of practice to have control over it. And BOY DOES IT HURT! I missed a fair bit and hit/hurt myself in training. Luckily the bruises will all be gone by the time filming starts!

What was your reaction to winning the Golden Cob Award for Rising B Movie Star in 2010?

I was honored to be nominated and then to win. It is so hard to get recognition in this business, that when you do it is that much more of a wonderful surprise. As an actor you never expect any acknowledgement simply because its such a hard, saturated business. This award is voted on by the fans, which makes it that much more important to me. The support that I have been blessed with in the indy film community amazes me each and every day. The indy film fans ROCK!

I see you’re always posting new shots of yourself on facebook. Is modeling something you do as a job as well or is it just for some great looking shots for your portfolio?

It is something that I started doing to help promote my film work, and has led to a few jobs. It’s fun when you get to work with a photographer that you like and bond with. I have been so blessed to have been able to work with some crazy talented photographers.  Steve Maisch, Paul Wright, and Tom Welsh, just to name a few.

If you’ve seen them, which was scarier – The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose?

I have only seen The Exorcist, and did not find it scary so I am going to say The Exorcism of Emily Rose by default! I appreciated The Exorcist but was not scarred by it.

If a Stranger Called and asked you, “What are you doing?” What would be your first response to try and scare him off?

I am a 49 year old woman who is just entering menopause and am desperate for a baby. Will you marry me? Please!?!?!? No, really PLEASE!!!! I just want to be loved. Please come over so we can hang out all day and talk, and brush each other’s hair, and paint our nails. Please. I am so lonely…(I know that you are scared right now…)

Well, there you have it! Jessica Cameron and I are already planning a follow up interview when some of her upcoming projects premier. So, you’ll be seeing a lot of her on here in the coming months. Fans have already been provided with her IMDB page in the article, but you can also check her out on Facebook here and Twitter here.

Thank you for your time, Jessica.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)