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A Nightmare to Remember International Horror Film Festival

A Nightmare to Remember International Horror Film Festival Hosted by Miss Misery

It will have been three hundred and sixty four days since the sublime dreams of San Francisco have been haunted by the ocular terrors congregated and unshackled by the creatively aberrant mind of Miss Misery. Her Nightmare To Remember Film Festival shall forever reverberate its unseen yet still sentient, ghosting celluloid images upon the walls of the Opera Plaza Theater.

And yet as a year of setting twilight blankets the city by the bay, such social serenity shall yet once again face something awakening like a forgotten foreboding wickedness unseen and festering beneath the city streets. For something chilling has returned to San Francisco. Something, and someone keeping the essence of humanities unconscious ghoulish midnight fears within her bosom, has once again set sites upon the Opera Plaza Theater in San Francisco California. This June 18th in the year of 2011, the 4th annual A Nightmare to Remember Film Festival led by the cinematic succubae Hostess Miss Misery, John Gillette and Last Doorway Productions has returned. They have risen from its graven slumber to again seduce and taunt the creative blood of independent cinema.

A Nightmare To Remember Film Festival is a three hour journey into the consciousness of horror as visually represented through short film by local and national independent horror filmmakers. The night will bring
more than just the showcasing of fledgling purveyors of cinematic fright. It is also a celebration, one awarding the top three short films for their representing of the virtue of horror.

The night also brings Special Guests:
Megan franich
(30 days of night)
Scream Queen Debra Lamb
(Evil Spirits)
Actress Brooke Lewis
Sasa and Scarlet
(Creepy Kofy Movie Time Cave Girls)

Free raffle and prizes for the audience, the first 20 people in line shall receive a framed picture of Miss Misery being bitten by Dracula and proposed too by Frankenstein, artwork by Jason Dube! As well as become entranced by the horror hostess of the film festival, Miss Misery.

June 18th
7 to 10pm
$12 at the door
Opera Plaza Cinema Theater
601 Van Ness Avenue S.F CA, 94102

Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!


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