XP3D The First Spanish Horror Film in 3D

This horror thriller is produced by 3D Roll & Roll, responsible for hits like The Orphanage and Julia’s eyes, and Antenna 3 Movies, in collaboration with Chromosome 22. The film will distribute Sony Pictures Releasing of Spain.


Ángela, is a student of psychiatry skeptical of the existence of the paranormal world. The harder and eccentric professor of the faculty, proposes to Angela and a group of students to prove or disprove the existence of further investigating a mining town with a dark history.

Angela and four classmates embark on the journey to Whisper, in the company of Diana, Angela’s younger sister, they give your truck. Their relationship has been cold since childhood, when some tragic events, the hopelessly separated. Together through the town and the ancient salt mines. Ignoring warnings open a portal to the beyond, with unpredictable consequences.

Its director, Sergi Vizcaino, commented that “in Xp3D we will take the viewer into terrifying places, the physically place them there and not let them escape. We follow the characters for long and dark cellars where 3D will transport them to their worst nightmares “.

Behind the Scenes Clips Here:
Clip One
Clip Two
Clip Three

Written by Mitchell Wells

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