Congratulations to Filmmakers George Taramas & Michael Gruosso, whose outstanding short film “DEMENTED” won the NYCHFF’s Killer Shorts Film Competition. Picked by “audience choice” at the incredibly fun Saturday Nightmares Expo held this past weekend. The competition was fierce, making this the closest battle ever!  So good job gentleman, see you in the fall!   We’d also like to throw some love to ALL the competing films:

Alistair by Aaron Cartwright
Torture Porn by Patrick Rea
The Basement by Walter J. Walsh
The Confessional by Douglas A. Plomitallo
Zombie Rocker by Leonardo Rodriguez
Blood Slaughter Massacre by Manny Serrano
The Mask of James Henry by Steve Villeneuve & William Dio
Dead Pussy by William Dio
Dread Head Josh Edmonds
Dread Head, Part 2 by Josh Edmonds
Son of a Bitch Part 2 by Eric Thomas Craven

Ya’ll did a great job!

We’d also like to thank everyone that came out for the PACKED screening. It’s great to see so many of you out there supporting the independent horror!! We know when watching horror films you have a choice, and we thank you for choosing independent airlines!

AND BIG THANKS TO MIKE LISA and the entire SATURDAUY NIGHTMARES staff in pulling off a great expo!! Felt like the beginnings of something cool.


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