In posting my review of Hatchet II last week, I realized that no one at HorrorSociety has touched any news on Hatchet III yet. There have been a few developments so far that I figure I should mention. Hatchet III has officially been greenlit by ArieScope Pictures and Dark Sky Films; it’s been announced since March 2011. Right now it is on the back-burner as Adam Green has several projects that he is producing and focusing on that need to be created first. Although, preproduction has been rumored to begin sometime in 2012 with a 2013 release date for the film.

Apparently, Adam Green had the story for Hatchet III already worked out on paper before the production of Hatchet II began. [Source]. Green does intend to see Marybeth return to the swamp in full capacity. Danielle Harris has said numerous times that she would be happy to reprise the role as long as she was contractually available.  But on the flip side, Adam has stated that he will probably not be returning to the director’s chair. While he is writing the script, developing the characters and will serve as lead producer of Hatchet III, he has alluded to the idea several times that he may not be the one directing Hatchet III, but that “We’ll never run out of creative ways for Victor Crowley to kill people.” [Source]

So what do you guys think? Are you excited for Hatchet III?


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