Apollo 18 #3, Shark Night 3D #4 this Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend we saw two new horror films debut at the Box Office. Apollo 18 is a “found footage” science fiction film about a doomed trip to the Moon because of a small “face hugger” type alien species. Shark Night 3D is a creature feature about college kids on a weekend get away who end up in shark infested waters. Both films have weird plots, but did they have stellar openings this weekend? Eh, sort of…

Apollo 18 was the #3 most attended film of the weekend with $8,700,000 made from September 2 – 4. It just barely edged out Shark Night 3D which came in at #4 with $8,640,000 earned.

Also over the weekend, Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark made $4,941,000,  Final Destination 5 made $1,535,000, and Fright Night made $1,214,000.

While I know this isn’t as successful as we wish they’d be, I think horror films did ok this weekend.

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