The Legend of Grassman, with Jessica Cameron

I love horror films about cryptos and Bigfoot seems to have its own subgenre at this point with all the indie films about the ape-man attacking people out in the woods. Only this time, the story takes place in Ohio, where a team of bigfoot hunters find themselves under attack from the state’s own version of Bigfoot, dubbed The Grassman. This upcoming horror film was written by Dennis Meyer and directed by Tyler Meyer in association with Monkey Productions. The Legend of Grassman is slowly chugging along through production and just added some new cast members within the last few weeks. This film is literally being shot piece by piece instead of all at once, which is one of the signs of a true indie film. It makes me feel nostalgic for my film school days. The guys behind The Legend of Grassman set up a neat blog here where interested readers/viewers can look it over and get a first hand glimpse as to how a film is made.

Starring in The Legend of Grassman will be Damion Meyer, Rich Shevchik, Stephan Meyer, Jeidy Melendez, Jory Moore, Matt Funke, Lynn Lowry,  George Lauris, and Jessica Cameron. I spoke to Jessica Cameron yesterday, which I do frequently because she is one of my favorite horror actresses. I had just watched the trailer for the film here and was shocked to find she wasn’t in it…at all. I guess it’s more of a teaser trailer for press purposes right now, seeing how Grassman is still adding cast and shooting additional scenes, but this is what Miss Cameron had to say when I asked about her involvement with the film:

“I think the trailer was completed before I shot my scenes. This is a classic indie film that’s been shooting for more than a year, and I believe, my scenes were the last to be shot [at the time]. My character is Lily Hammonds, who’s struggling in the aftermath of her one daughter’s accidental shooting of her sister. She’s an alcoholic who’s in denial about her life and rather than try to change things, she accepts her burdens. It was probably my least attractive role to date. Make up was used to make me look more tired and haggard.”

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)