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EXCLUSIVE: Still from ‘Legend of Grassman’

Just checked my HorrorSociety email and found an email from Tyler Meyer, the director of Legend of Grassman. I just did a piece on his film, which you can read here. I noted towards the end of the article that, while she is noted as a cast member, Jessica Cameron doesn’t appear in the trailer released for Legend of Grassman. In the email I received, Mr. Meyer informed me of what’s going on.

“Jessica is right.  We did the trailer before she came on board.  Her part was written after we looked at a partial rough cut of the film and realized there was something missing in our story.  This is our first feature and we don’t have much of a  budget, so we actually did the trailer last year, with about 60% of the film shot, in the hopes of impressing people enough to work with us, be they actors, crew, or locations.  I’m not sure how much it helped, but we added some great actors and locations to the cast since then. “

Also included in the email was an exclusive still of Jessica Cameron from Legend of Grassman. Tyler also commented, “Since you’re a fan of Jessica’s, I thought I’d pass along this still of her on set.  As she says, this is a very unattractive role and we tried to make her look haggard and well, icky.  Judging from the photo, I’m not sure if it worked.” Well, I’m not sure if it worked either. A little blood never heard anyone, right? And the make up didn’t make her look haggard, just more characterized for the film. It’s going to take a lot more mess to make Jessica Cameron look anything less than gorgeous.

 Check out the still below!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)