While it may be a bit late to order gifts in time for Christmas, you can always use this guide for finding ways to spend that check Aunt Matilda sent you as a present. As horror fans, we canʼt help ourselves when shopping for others. It seems mandatory to buy a cool gift for ourselves, too! Many of these sites have a ton of other great things to add to our already spooky collections. Happy Holidays!

Zombie Skull Cauldron Box $19.95 Coolest item ever for the desk or dresser! Keep valuables inside this undead-lidded box cast out of quality resin. A crouching, screeching, hand-painted zombie will surely ward thieves away. 4.5”D x 4”H.

Iron Fist Zombie Chomper Handbag $50 Not only does Iron Fist make the coolest heels ever, but theyʼve got killer bags like this vegan-friendly zombie tote that any ghoul-loving lady would be proud to fling across her shoulder. After all, donʼt all fashionistas claim the importance of matching oneʼs purse to her shoes? Theyʼve also got a sweet werewolf one with red bow accents.

Book: Monsters in the Movies: 100 Years of Cinematic Nightmares by John Landis $40 (Currently $23.49 on Amazon) Hardcover. Published 9/19/11. Join Landis as he discusses the greatest monsters ever to grace the Silver Screen, with behind-the-scenes secrets, 1000+ movie stills, deep talks with famous monster makers, and more! ref=pd_rhf_ee_shvl2

Grim Reaper Sculptural Bath Tissue Tyrant $39.95 Designer resin; hand-painted. 10″W x 6″D x 13″H A grim reaper lending a hand in the loo? You know you want it.

Brain Magnetic Bracelet $32 Donʼt be the shmuck who wears their heart on their sleeve. Wear a brain on your wrist! Pewter and magnetic! Also available: Heart bracelet and 3D heart locket. 1.75” x 1.5” pewter brain wrapped by silver plated twist loop chain. Held in place by a powerful rare earth magnet.

Big Foot, the Holiday Yeti Ornament $9.95 This 2010 holiday edition ornament makes a fine collectible stocking stuffer for that conspiracy theorist relative in the family. Hand-painted; quality resin. 3”H

MANIAC Clock “Killer Klocks” $25.69 An Andy Gore piece, this clock contains full color movie poster art and a frame-by-frame scalping sequence, which will make sure you never forget the time again.

Edible Zombie Food Products (Dried Zombie Skin, Foaming Zombie Candy, Zombie Blood, Zombie Jerky) Seriously, who can beat bringing dried zombie skin to a party for some undead appetizer fun? The zombie jerky is teriyaki-flavored, but glows a brilliant, ghoulish green for your reanimated pleasure. Prices vary depending on package amounts.

Impaled Zombie Desk Accessory $14.95 or Set of Two for $24.95 Another fantastic item for the horror fanaticʼs desk! Stabbing your pen or pencil in the zombieʼs chest may very well compete with the relief a stress ball offers.

Hammer Glamour 2012 Wall Calendar ($11.16 on Full color photos of Hammerʼs famous scream queens! If you liked the book Titan put out, youʼll want the calendar!

Nosferatu Shadow Vinyl Wall Art Graphic by Pillboxdesigns on Etsy – $29.99 Choose any color if black isnʼt your style! Orders come with an applicator, video tutorials are available on and they are quite easy to remove. Check out the shop for other neat designs like a zombie attack, steampunk graphics, a graveyard scene, a pack of bats to place flying above your bed, and even smaller designs for application to your laptop!

Cthulhu Christmas Ornament by Meatspider $35 Anything coming from Meatspider Studios is going to impress your friends, possibly even mom. Original, sculpted works that are unique as none are reproduced.

Skullduggery Toilet Bowl Brush $29.95 5.5”W x 8”D x 16”H Keep your bathroom clean with style.

Stainless Steel Handmade Silhouette Jewelry by Fable & Fury.

Possibly the coolest Etsy account ever. Themes range from dark icons like Vampira, Frankenstein and Nosferatu to Victorian imagery or text like REDRUM. Even ornate bats and, heck, why not a FREAKS silhouette! “One of us!” Pictured is a THE SHINING influenced necklace with REDRUM text sitting atop an axe. Silver satin, black or blood-red gloss finish!

Vintage Sci-Fi 2012 Wall Calendar $18.95 Covers the Golden Age of Science Fiction with pulp covers. Images are perforated and easily removable to fit 11”x14” frames!

Inventor of Plastination, von Hagensʼ Body Worlds online shop Give the gift of fleshy bags!

Heart of Stone $24 4 lbs of rock hard love! Paper weight, garden stone or home decor. Cast concrete; hand-antiqued. 3 color variations: Dark Mahogany, Moss Green and Bronze Leather. No two look alike. 4.5”H x 3.25”W x 6.25”D store.html#ecwid:category=742959&mode=product&product=6326669

Bug-Eating Plants Kit $12.99 For kids, or the kid in you! Sow ʻn grow Venus Flytraps and pitcher plants. Carnivorous fun for the whole family!

Dexter Blood-Spattered Coasters $19.99 Everyone knows that a splat of blood is a beautiful work of art. Show them off in a civilized way. No need for actual murder to accomplish this design. Set of 6 clear acrylic coasters with rubberized feet. Stores in wooden “Dexter treasure box.” pfm=rightcolumn_NewStuffFTW_1&cpg=cj&ref=&CJURL=&CJID=1511450

Buy $60 worth of merch before xmas, get 3 signed artbooks free! As a proud owner of these books, this reviewer can say itʼs a sweet deal! Art prints, books, shirts, hoodies, workshirts, ghoulish stickers, fiendish magnets, masks, toys, barware, greeting cards, Halloween stuff! Cool 2012 Wall calendar!

Skullʼs Soul Spirit Sculptural Box $29.95

Etched with faces of lost souls, the top of the skull lifts off. The design reminds me of three things: Clive Barkerʼs paintings, the souls escaping Freddy Kruegerʼs chest, and something I would personally sculpt. Tiny screaming faces are fun! 4.5”W x 7.5”D x 6.5”H; 3 lbs.

Ossuary Skeleton Triple Candleholder $27 (Current sale price $19.80) Bone-chilling fun with the middle skull in front and the side skulls checking out the peripherals. Vertebrae-decorated base. Hand-painted, cold-cast resin. 6”H x 6.5”L

Danger Zombies Run Gum $1.50 Wildly fruity gum that makes a perfect stocking stuffer to help remind loved ones to always run when the undead are close behind.

Spread HeadsTM Toppers $3.99 These fun toppers temporarily replace the caps on standard mustard and ketchup bottles. Granted, this product is geared towards children, but we love this stuff, too. Who doesnʼt want to see a zombie puking out mustard onto their bologna sandwich? Choice of three Toppers: Count Ketchup, whose fangs drip ketchup “blood;” Mustard Marvin, the zombie mustard puker; and Ketchup Charlie, who oozes ketchup out of his nostrils. Hungry yet?

FREAKS Mug $14.69 Very detailed, full-color large movie designs on both sides of mug featuring artwork from the original theatrical half-sheets.

Brain-Shaped Ice Cube Tray $6.73 Fun Freeze tray makes 4 brain-shaped ice cubes for your demented delight. The cubes come out rather large and may lose texture, so these may make better mold trays for impressive party use, such as molding Jell-O or chocolate.

Worldʼs Largest Gummy Worm $27.95 Listen, we know itʼs disgusting. Thatʼs why itʼs on our list. Donʼt know about you, but I look forward to my auntʼs high-pitched squeal of surprise when she unwraps this bad boy. TWO feet long, weighs about 3 lbs! (Equal to around 130 regular-sized gummy worms) Use it as a centerpiece at your next party. Flavors include: Lemon and Orange; Green Apple and Red Cherry; Pineapple and Red Cherry; Blue Raspberry and Red Cherry; Orange and Blue Raspberry.

Gremlins Pint Glass Set $14.99 Classic 16 oz. pint glasses with Gizmo and Spike designs. A collectorʼs item if I ever saw one! 6”H x 3.5”D

Trip to the Moon Wall Sculpture $29.95 Fans of early cinema as well as fans of Scorceseʼs recent pièce de résistance, HUGO, will fall in love with this beautiful wall statue inspired by filmmaker Georges Melies masterpiece, A Trip to the Moon. 8”D x 5”H; 2 lbs.

Tea Rex Infuser $10.00 Dciʼs “Tea Rex” Tea Infuser is a comical idea. Simply insert your loose tea inside Rexʼs belly by decapitating him and pouring the leaves in. Fair warning, reviews state a decent amount of leaves will seep out into cup. Silicone with chain. Holds 16 oz. Hand-wash only with mild soap. Not for microwave use.

Horror board games Here is a long list of 98 horror-themed board games! Availability may vary.

Science Fiction board games Here is a list of 100 board games with a sci-fi theme! Games subject to availability.

Last but not least, check out our own Gorestore with logo t-shirts and even human centipedes!

FREE Ideas:

Printable Frankenstein Activities Puzzles, word searches, mazes, coloring pages, dot to dot, boggle pages. (Also check out the puzzles for mummies, vampires, witches, Halloween, Aliens, fairy tale characters, and more! One gift idea is to create your own activity book by printing out your favorites, stapling the pages or using a hole puncher to sew a stitched binding. Your child (or any horror pal) will surely appreciate!

Haunted Paper Toys to print out: coffins, haunted houses, pop-up vampires, undead chess game, skull checkers, board games, monsters, greeting cards, cd sleeves, coloring pages, death rattles, cemetery, dice, dancing skeleton marionette, pinhole camera (makes unique soft focus images), hearse, pocket monsters, masks, skulls. If you own a high-quality printer, this may be a great way to impress when it comes to homemade gifts. The coffin boxes would make nice containers for smaller gifts like jewelry and magnets. Pictured is a skeleton marionette.


Toys for Tots Horror Style This is a Facebook-run contest by author Joseph S. Pulver for USA residents. Simply post a photo of yourself dropping a toy into a “Toys for Tots” donation bin, and become eligible to win an entire library of signed horror books donated by horror authors! Oh yes, there are a few Lovecraft-themed books, donʼt you worry. Only one winner will be chosen, unfortunately. One entry per person. style/109659232483266

List of horror books going to one lucky person! store-for-you-so-far-edited-121611/109807795801743

Save the Evans City Cemetery Chapel Night of the Living Dead. Forever. In our hearts. Case Closed. Donations begin as little as $5, and can be sent by check or m.o. to “Fix the Chapel” and mailed to: Fix the Chapel, P.O. Box 32, Evans City, PA 16033 or paid on the site. Join the FB page and show your support on a more personal level. Gary Streiner personally responds! Read a heartwarming story about how George Romero has responded to this:

Fight for 35mm Petition If youʼre even reading this post at all, you came here because you are a horror film fan, meaning you support true cinema in its finest form, 35mm, which is the best way to view an old classic horror or grindhouse flick on the big screen with like-minded fellow fans. Julia Marchese of well-known New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles has got a fierce petition going, working towards 10,000 signatures. So far, itʼs hit over 7K, and thatʼs pretty impressive. Please sign this in support of 35mm surviving for many years to come. Do not let studios destroy what cinephiles treasure the most. How does one justify trashing an original piece of art just because copies can be made?


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