Are you ready for Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies?

…because I sure as Hell am!

In a world where zombies get the bad end of the stick, several groups have emerged to battle the walking dead. Strippers, ninjas, aliens, Santa Clause and his elves… The next logical step on the battle royale latter is – wrestlers!

A very detailed plot synopsis is currently unavailable, but I do know that the film has set locations in West Virginia including the prehistoric Adena Mound and a very famous prison. To quote Cody Knotts directly, “Picture a fight against the undead on a mound of actual dead bodies.”

What I can share with you is a list of crew members attached to Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies as well as a list of real pro wrestlers who have expressed intent or interest in the film. Let’s start with the crew! Crew members will consist of Ray Wade, Cody Knotts, Matthew Deering, Joe Russian, Vince Ruffalo, Camera Bartolotta, and Shane Douglas. The list of wrestlers and talent with interest or intent in the film include Shane Douglas (former WCW Hardcore Champion), Terry Funk (former WWF Tag Team Champion), Larry Zbyszko (former WWF Tag Team Champion), reality tv star Taya Parker, and Scott Levy (WWF/WWE 26 time Hardcore Champion). Other interested parties include Rowdy Roddy Piper (former WWF Intercontinental Champion) and Richard Pryor Jr.

For more information on Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies and how you can donate to this project and make this indie film happen, please click here to visit the Kickstarter page. Wrestling fans, especially, should donate to this film for your chance to play a zombie and maybe get tossed around the ring by a wrestling legend!

So psyched to see this happen!

  1. zombie in the movie

    They couldnt get the prision so they got wood county jail in parkersburg. The film has been going extreemly good but there has been a few problens with a wrestler gething his head cut open and a wrestler falling from 10 feet and hiting the hard floor and poping his arm out of shocket.

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